Top Ten Tuesday: Ten favorite cookbooks

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today’s theme is actually “ten yummy foods mentioned in books,” but I don’t keep track of what characters are eating… like, ever.  An alternate topic is ten of your favorite cookbooks. That, I can do.

I don’t really get into it too much on this blog, but I love to cook.  I actually used to run a healthy eating blog back in the day, but when I started working full time, I had to decide which blog I wanted to keep up: the books or the food.  Obviously, I went with the books.  But I still cook all the time and I love experimenting with flavors.  Here are ten cookbooks that have greatly influenced my cooking style.

🍉 Betty Crocker’s Cookbook is a classic.  My grandma had a copy.  My mom has a copy.  I have a copy.  Almost everybody I know owns a copy.  If you’re looking for a cookbook to teach you the true basics, you can’t go wrong with this one.
🍗 Skinnytaste was one of my favorite blogs when I first started cooking for myself.  Gina provides lighter options for classic dishes (and also plenty of her own creations).
🍦The Homemade Pantry is probably not for everyone, but it’s a great idea.  What if instead of going out to the grocery store to buy premade toaster pastries, graham crackers, and Goldfish, you used ingredients you already have to make healthier versions yourself?
🍷 Bluephies was one of my favorite restaurants when I was in college.  Seriously, their breakfast was out of this world.  Sadly, Bluephies closed in 2016, but I did get their cookbook before I moved away.  Now, I can make their stuffed french toast with berry compote whenever I want.
🍩 Hello, Cupcake! and its follow up,
🍰 What’s New, Cupcake? are two cookbooks that are not only fun to look at, but also chock-full of amazing decorating tips!  Sure, I don’t actually have the time to transform batches of cupcakes into monsters or ducks or swimming pools, but it’s nice to have the ideas floating around for parties.
🍔 Dumplings are one of my very favorite foods, and Kenny Lao’s Hey There, Dumpling is one of my very favorite cookbooks. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC a few years ago, and I made countless recipes from this book.  Not only does it include dumpling recipes, it also includes recipes for side dishes.  All these years later, I still make Kenny’s quickles.
🍳 In addition to dumplings, I’m pretty much in love with Korean food.  There isn’t a Korean market in my town, but there is a huuuge Korean grocery store about thirty minutes away, so I’ve made good use of the information found in Koreatown.
🍞 Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day was basically my bible when I wasn’t working.  I mean, in reality, it takes more than five minutes a day (you have to bake it, after all) but the idea is great and I wish I still had the time to bake off loaves and loaves of fresh, homemade bread.
🌽 Salad Samurai is great for when you’re sick and tired of boring, basic salads. There are ideas for complete salads as well as recipes for homemade dressings and unique salad toppers.

I’m a bit of a cookbook hoarder, so there’s easily an additional thirty books that didn’t make this list.  What are your favorite cookbooks?