Book review: His Naughty Waitress by Bella Love-Wins

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Missy is a small-town waitress who gave up her dreams in an attempt to save her family’s home.  Carter is a single billionaire in town for a holiday retreat.  Together, they have an explosive connection – but is once enough?

This is the third short story I’ve read from Bella Love-Wins’ Insta-Love on the Run series.  His Ex’s Little Sister is still my favorite of the series, but His Naughty Waitress is close.  The book is short – only 69 pages – so I can’t really talk about the characters or the plot without giving everything away.

I thought that the book was set up nicely, with Carter definitely standing out from his crowd of friends.  The connection between Carter and Missy was palpable, but I wanted more.  Of all the Insta-Love on the Run books, this is one that I think could stand on its own as a full-length book.  I would have loved to see their relationship explored more and to have gotten some kind of epilogue to know if they lasted longer than a weekend together.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆

I received a free copy of His Naughty Waitress from the author’s mailing list.  I voluntarily reviewed this short story.


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