2018 100 Book Challenge

I stressed myself out a little bit with 2017′s goal of 125 books.  Sure, I succeeded, but I was always worried about it.  What happened when I got sick? When I made a lot of weekend plans? When I was traveling? If I got stuck in a really bad book slump?  If I wanted to tackle a thousand-page monster?

For 2018, I’m taking it back to my original goal of 100 books.  I think that’s a good number that’s just enough of a challenge to keep me going while still being achievable enough that I won’t live in a constant state of anxiety.  Who knows, maybe without the added stress of meeting that lofty goal, I’ll actually read more books.  We’ll see at this time next year, I guess.

As always, you’ll be able to track my progress in the sidebar widget and on Goodreads.

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