Gift guide: Gifts I’d buy for myself

In another edition of Posts Nobody Asked For, I present to you a bunch of gift ideas for people who have the same taste as me.


Paper Source is one of my favorite stores.  I could seriously just go in there and spend hours browsing.  I especially love their baby/toddler gifts, but since this post is about things that I would buy for myself, here are three things I’m glad were not in stock the last time I went into the store.

Crazy Cat Lady Mug // Hipster Cat Ornament // Customizable Book Stamp


If you’ve never had the pleasure of smelling a candle from Anthropologie, please do yourself a favor and head over to the nearest store asap.  Their Boulangerie candles are amazing, and while they’re a little more expensive than I could normally justify for myself, I got one as a birthday present a few years ago and it was amazing.  The scent was something like coconut cream, but it smelled like walking into a bakery and had none of that gross overpowering smell that candles sometimes have.


I actually don’t drink a lot of alcohol, but that means that I don’t have any of the right stuff when I actually end up with people over at my house. One of my friends gave me a monogrammed wine glass like four years ago, but sadly, it shattered earlier this year while I was washing it. This set of holiday-themed stemless wine glasses would be perfect!

I don’t have a ton of time to relax – it seems like there’s always something that needs to be done – but when I do, I love to get in a nice, hot bath with a book and a bath bomb.  While I do sometimes splurge and buy myself something from Lush, they’re usually outside of my price range.  That said, if somebody were to get me a nice assortment of Lush bath bombs, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining.

Pictured above: Shoot for the Stars // The Experimenter // Luxury Lush Pud

One thing I will buy for myself, though, is office supplies.  I’ve been obsessed with pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and paperclips for as long as I can remember.  I have boxes and bins and cups full of the stuff, but it’s never enough.  I have the Stabilo pens (top left) and Le Pens (bottom right) and both are great.  I’d love to try the Huhuhero fineliners (top right) and Stabilo pastel highlighters (bottom left).

Finally, let’s talk about socks.  I know, I know, when you’re little, you hate getting socks.  But let me tell you, I have so many better things to spend money on, so I love it when people buy me fun socks.  (I also love to buy fun socks for my family and friends for Christmas.)

Pictured above: Food // Foxes // Cacti