2018 Read the Rainbow challenge

For my last reading challenge of 2018, I’ve decided to do Mia Sutton’s Read the Rainbow challenge. Now, I’ve been waiting for approximately two months for more information about this challenge to go up on her blog, and it has not, so it seems that I’ll be taking her idea and running with it on my own.

The colors of the challenge, I’ve decided, will be the classic ROYGBIV.  I toyed with the idea of including pink, black, white, gray, brown, and so on, but then the whole idea would have snowballed. I think it’s best to keep it simple.  Books must primarily be the color of the prompt.  For example, the book on the left would qualify for red. The book on the right would not.

I’ll tag books that I think fit the challenge with #rtr.  They might overlap with one of my other challenges.  You can also follow my progress on my challenges page.  Once I complete the rainbow, I’ll do a post with all of the covers.