Top Ten Tuesday: My bookish goals for 2018

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  As of today, Top Ten Tuesday has been moved from The Broke and the Bookish to That Artsy Reader Girl.  The first topic in its new home is ten bookish goals or resolutions for 2018.  Hopefully, I’ll succeed with these ten goals!

Reading Challenges:

1. Girl xoxo’s Monthly Motif Reading Challenge: This twelve-book reading challenge is pretty open-ended and allows the reader to choose one book per month that fits a given prompt.  January’s theme is diversity.
2. Mia Sutton’s Read the Rainbow Challenge: This is a cute, quick challenge that I think I’ll use to narrow down my TBR. The goal is to read one book for every color of the rainbow.
3. 100 books in 2018: I read much more than 100 books in 2017, but it was a stressful experience. 100 seems to be an easily achievable goal for me, and it leaves me more room to read longer or more difficult books.
4. #killingthetbr: In 2018, I’ll read at least three books per month that I’ve owned for more than three months. That’s at least 36 books per year or approximately one-third of the books I’ll read.
5. 2018 Debut Author Challenge: Some of my favorite books of 2017 were debuts, so I decided to join Jana’s 2018 debut author challenge as well. I’ll make the effort to find and read 12 debuts this year.

Reading Habits:

6. Go to the library more often: I hit up my library’s Overdrive all the time, but I rarely make time to go to the physical branch.  I know it has a bigger selection, so I should probably just suck it up and go there.
7. Be a little more spontaneous at the library: Typically, I click over to Overdrive with a specific book in mind. I check it out, read it, and repeat. I’d like to try randomly choosing a book from the “recently added” category or from my wishlist (which contains about 150 books).
8. Be more selective on Netgalley: I have a bad habit of requesting everything that looks remotely interesting and ending up with a pile of eighteen ARCs that need to be reviewed within the next three weeks. I’d like to request fewer ARCs to free up time for other books and to only request books that I’d purchase for myself in a bookstore.
9. Be okay with the DNF: I have a complicated relationship with the DNF, which is why I usually don’t do it.  But why do I force myself to read books that I hate?  I want to be better about just not reading a book I’m not into.


10. Finally organize my bookshelves: I moved into my new house last April and it has beautiful built-ins in the living room.  For some reason, most of my books are still in boxes in the garage. I want to get them unpacked and on display.

What are your bookish goals for 2018?