Book review: Prince Player by B.B. Hamel

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Stranded in Polovia after being mugged, Hazel takes a job as a maid for the royal family in hopes of earning enough money to fly back home to the States. When she unexpectedly walks in on a half-naked Prince Nolan, she expects his wrath, not a marriage proposal.  It turns out that Nolan, otherwise known as Prince Player, needs to clean up his reputation if he doesn’t want to lose his title of crown prince. A wife and children is just the way to do that in his traditional country, and he likes Hazel’s look and her sass.  Their marriage will be a business transaction and nothing more, entirely fixated on his public image and creating an heir.  But what happens when Nolan and Hazel end up liking each other more than they’d expected?

I could instantly tell that this was going to be better than Best Friend With Benefits, the last BB Hamel book that I read. Nolan and Hazel had a lot of chemistry (and the book actually follows the plot summary in its blurb), so I ended up flying through this one in a matter of about two hours. It’s the kind of mindless, smutty fun that I expect when I pick up one of BB’s books.

On the more negative side, I can tell that I’ve read far too many of her books (nine so far) because I can just about predict everything that will happen. Her books can be very formulaic, especially within the same subgenre. There are a lot of similarities between Prince Player and Royal Rock. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because I did enjoy Royal Rock, but it is something that makes me glad BB’s books are all on Kindle Unlimited.

While I did enjoy reading this mostly lighthearted royal romance, I think I’ll take a little break before reading another of BB’s books. I think they’re best enjoyed with some time in between.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆