Book review: Axl by Riley Rollins

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Film student Holly has a brilliant idea for her senior project – a documentary of her small hometown, a place ravaged by drugs, alcohol, and gangs. While filming in the local junkyard, Holly stumbles across a deal going down between two rival motorcycle clubs. When the guys from each side notice her hiding in the back of a beat-up pickup truck with a video camera, they assume the worst and all hell breaks loose.  Bullets start flying, a war begins, and Holly is caught in the middle. Axl, VP of the Sons of Chaos MC, is the only one who believes Holly’s story and takes her under his wing to protect her.

Mild spoilers for the first ~20% ahead.

To be honest, I only read this book because I wanted to get this guy’s face off my TBR page. This is a terrible cover and it does not fit at all with the way Axl is described in the book (6′5″ with model good looks). I don’t really like MC books to begin with but this one was inside another book I own (Havok) and so I felt obligated to read it.

I’m glad that it was only 200 or so pages because I don’t think that I could have put up with this for one second longer.  The first time I almost DNFed was around page 2 when Axl’s misogyny first shows. Then I almost DNFed around page 25 or so, when Holly walks in on Axl getting a blowjob from another woman. About three pages later, Holly has seemingly forgotten about this and gives Axl a blowjob. I almost threw my Kindle across the room. I was about to give it all up by page 35ish when Axl is in bed with yet another woman.

I powered through to get it off my shelf.  This book is terrible.  Do not recommend.

Final rating: ★☆☆☆☆

#killingthetbr: 9 months on shelf