Top Ten Tuesday: Books I can’t believe I read

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today’s theme is books I can’t believe I read which honestly seems a bit mean… So rather than rattling off titles and posting covers, I’m following in the footsteps of blind items and describing the books rather than naming them.

  1. A book about a group of women who are all sleeping with each other’s husbands. While their lives are falling apart, they do things like break for a leisurely dinner or a stroll through the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
  2. A celebrity memoir that focuses more on the embarrassing details of said celebrity’s children than anything else. Was a chapter dedicated to her teen daughter’s bra size really necessary?
  3. A book about a strong, independent woman who hooks up with her boss – except the woman is neither strong nor independent, her boss acts like a literal child, and the author tried to write erotica but the sex scenes came across as very clinical and cold.
  4. An erotic novel which was basically just the main character reading the author’s other works and getting turned on by them. I mean, yikes.
  5. A musician romance! But it’s really just about a rockstar going to rehab and having a lot of sex with his counselor.
  6. A book about a girl who is legitimately named Starshine, who laments the fact that every single man in New York City is in love with her.
  7. A cookbook that’s advertised as having “no rules,” that actually is just a book of rules? The biggest rule being to throw away everything in your kitchen because it’s trash. All of your food.  Your dishes and utensils. Even your cookware. Literally everything.
  8. A romance in which a girl and her brother-in-law start having sex – and then randomly get married because how else could you even end this trainwreck of a book?
  9. A Pride and Prejudice retelling in which both characters are in relationships with other people and have hate sex because why not.
  10. A book about middle-aged white men who are never satisfied with their awesome lives, or, basically, every day in the waiting room of the wealthy suburban doctor’s office I work in.

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