Book review: Sixteen Kisses by Kelly Oram

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Cassie Caldwell wants nothing more than to be kissed. Going into her sixteenth year as Kissless Cassie, she feels immature and left out. When her brother’s best friend, Jared, surprises her with a “Kiss Me, It’s My Birthday” shirt, she’s a little embarrassed but doesn’t expect that anything will come of it.  She certainly doesn’t expect to end her birthday with sixteen kisses under her belt.

This little book was making the rounds last summer and everyone (and I mean everyone) was talking about how cute it was.  It’s a short read at only 85 pages and I actually appreciated that it didn’t include a lot of extraneous scenes. One of my pet peeves in a book (especially romance) is countless scenes that add nothing to the plot and only serve to increase the page count. Get to the point! And, here, Kelly Oram certainly got to the point.

Some of Cassie’s kisses were cute.  Some were a little steamy.  Some were downright awkward.  Cassie had definite chemistry with more than one of the guys, which was honestly a little confusing! It’s clear from the beginning that we’re supposed to be rooting for her and Jared, but it’s hard when she’s swept off her feet by guy after guy. I don’t even know what would have made this better because Cassie suffering through fifteen terrible kisses before getting her one magical, fairytale kiss would have been a terrible book. I just kept thinking, what about all that chemistry she had with those other guys?

Still, the book is cute, though it suffers from YA’s typical “not your average girl” cliches. All in all, it’s not a bad use of an hour or two of your time, but I definitely expected more.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆