Monthly Motif: February update

Monthly Motif: February update

If I would’ve been thinking clearly, I would have picked three one-word titles for this month’s Killing the TBR. Obviously, I was not thinking clearly, because the three books that I chose were all multi-word titles, which meant no consolidation here! Just a lot of stress.

I read twenty books in January and almost a third of them counted toward January’s prompt. But February? This month kicked my butt and I struggled just to stay on top of my TBR pile. I’m not sure if I would have finished even one book toward this prompt if my hold on Tina Fey’s Bossypants hadn’t come in.

Now, to be fair, there are a couple days left in the month. If I’m being totally honest, though, no more one-word titles are coming.

Books read:

  • Bossypants by Tina Fey (review coming February 28)

Books not read:

  • Any of the approximately 800 one-word titles that have been hanging out on my TBR forever