Book review: Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray

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Every day, Abigail Smith does her best to keep her family’s ranch afloat.  She’s having some trouble what with the drought and the skyrocketing costs, but her lone employee, Elijah Hays, is a horse whisperer.  The townspeople might think of Elijah as something of a monster, but Abigail knows that he would never hurt a fly. He’s her gentle giant, and regardless of what people might say, she longs to be his.

Well, this is the most erotic erotica I’ve read in a long time.  Possibly ever.  At the beginning, as the sexual tension builds, this was fine.  Even for the first few chapters, as Abigail and Eli had their first sexual encounters, it was fine. As the book dragged on, though, it got to be kind of repetitive and boring.  (And, let me just say, a book that’s less than 200 pages should never drag or be repetitive.)  I mean, in how many different positions and locales can one couple have sex?  That said, I truly feel that I’m in the minority here!  70% of readers gave this book either four or five stars, so take my opinions (as always) with a grain of salt.

As for the characters, I liked how open-minded and level-headed Abigail was.  That’s really all I can say about her, though, because when we’re inside her head, we just get a constant mantra of sex sex sex sex sex sex sex.  Eli was the real winner here.  He’s sweet, he’s gentle, and he’s never been with a woman before. This was my first virgin hero book and I actually loved that aspect of it. The only thing I wished for Eli was a little bit of time in his head. We were intimately acquainted with every thought of Abigail’s, but we never learned very much about Eli.  What a shame, since he was a great character.

All in all, the book was fine, but I wish there would have been a better plot-to-sex ratio. As it stands, at least two-thirds of the book is made up of either Abigail and Eli actually having sex, or at least Abigail thinking about it. While some of the scenes were admittedly pretty sexy, others were just so far from my comfort zone that I found myself reading with a weird expression on my face. I’ve never been a big fan of BDSM anyway, and the hero jumping straight from virginity to Dom left me a bit puzzled.

My rating is really more of a 2.5, but I can’t bring myself to round up to 3, so it’ll stay at 2 stars.

Final rating: ★★☆☆☆