Book review: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

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I first fell in love with Anna Kendrick back in 2007 when I watched Rocket Science. In general, it’s just a really great movie that you should definitely watch, but in it, Anna plays a debate team queen. Also, I was just on the IMDB page for it and it turns out that it actually takes place in the town where I now work? What are the chances! Anyway, it’s been eleven years of fangirling over this girl and I finally read (or, well, listened to) her memoir.

I’m not clear on whether she wrote this memoir on her own or if she had help from a ghostwriter, but I can tell you that it’s funny. She tells the story of her first big break in musical theater, her first film, her big move to LA, and growing up along the way, but it’s neither braggy or boring. Anna Kendrick is one of those people that never quite seems untouchable, regardless of how famous she gets. She feels like she could be your best friend.

Hats off to Anna Kendrick for one of the best celebrity memoirs I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

Final rating: ★★★★☆

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