Let’s talk about: Books I’ve forgotten about (on my Kindle)

If you’re anything like me, you probably one-click a lot of books that you have good intentions to read and then promptly forget about. I keep a fairly up-to-date TBR page, but I still sometimes forget about books that I’ve collected over the years! I was just sifting through my Kindle and was legitimately shocked at some of the books I found on it.

Okay, so I have absolutely no recollection of Love Is All Around or Crazy For Cowboy. They also don’t seem like my style so I’m wondering if I downloaded them like five or eight or ten years ago? I vaguely remember Daughter of Sand and Stone (I think it was a Kindle First pick) but it’s so disarming when you find these books on your shelves that you don’t even remember!

Then there are books that I totally remember picking up but keep forgetting I have. I love Melanie Harlow and don’t know why I keep forgetting about If You Were Mine and After We Fall! I know exactly why I keep forgetting about Claire Contreras’ Paper Hearts (it’s not on the normal Kindle bookshelf, it’s in my Docs folder) but still! I should have read it by now!

Do you have anything hiding in your Kindle (or other e-reader) that you’ve forgotten about?