The Versatile Blogger Award!

I was tagged by Alyssa Grace at Serendipitous Reads. This is my first time being tagged in one of these, so thank you! Please be sure to check out Serendipitous Reads.

The Rules

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Alright, I guess it’s time to come up with seven interesting things about myself!

  1. I’m actually really bad at keeping my books organized. I love looking at photos of other peoples’ bookshelves (so organized! so pretty!) but mine always look like a disaster.
  2. I love to bake and find it super relaxing! I’ll make bread, cookies, cakes, brownies, pastries, pies, anything. I love hosting holidays because it means that I get to do a lot of baking.
  3. I absolutely adore every single cat I ever meet. It can be the meanest cat in the world, doesn’t even matter to me. I will love it with my whole heart. (I also love every dog I meet, but I’ve always had an especially soft spot for cats.)
  4. I’m definitely the mom friend wherever I go. I work in a medical office and I’m literally the only person without medical training, but I’m the one my coworkers come to when they’re not feeling well.
  5. I can’t handle having unread emails in my inbox. I read them and archive them. I’m not one of those people with like 8,721 unread emails. Just thinking about it aggravates my anxiety.
  6. I actually had a really great time in high school. I know everybody talks about how awful it is and how they’d never want to go back, but I had great friends, I liked my teachers, and I can’t wait for my next reunion.
  7. I love musicals. Honestly, the cheesier the better. I think my all-time favorite is Across the Universe, which I saw with my friends several times in the theater when it first came out, and then multiple times in my basement back in the day.

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Page Count: March 2018

I was actually having a pretty good reading month until I hit book number 13! Still, I think this is the most five-star ratings I’ve ever had in one month.

  1. Before Daylight (★★★★☆): 70 of 162 pages
  2. Fly (★★★☆☆): 199 pages
  3. The Green Unknown (★★★★☆): 140 pages
  4. Saint Anything (★★★★★): 417 pages
  5. Trip (★★★★☆): 306 pages
  6. Undeniable (★★★★☆): 309 pages
  7. The Hook-Up Experiment (★★★★★): 199 pages
  8. Love and Other Words (★★★★★): 432 pages
  9. We Are the Ants (★★★★★): 455 pages
  10. Alphas Like Us (★★★★☆): 489 pages
  11. Starry Eyes (★★★★★): 432 pages
  12. Born a Crime (★★★☆☆): 304 pages
  13. Before I Knew (★☆☆☆☆): 354 pages
  14. Wallbanger (★★★★☆): 384 pages
  15. The Best Friend Incident (★★★☆☆): 207 pages
  16. What Happened (★★★☆☆): 512 pages
  17. Maybe Someone Like You (★★★☆☆): 366 pages

Total pages: 5,575
Average rating: 3.82 stars