Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ll Never Re-Read

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s theme is ten books that I loved but will never re-read. Now, I think we all know that I don’t really do re-reads unless prompted by a reading challenge or a small child, but I’ll play along with ten books (or series) that I can’t really ever see myself picking up again.


✨ Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles. I loved CinderScarlet, and CressFairest was okay and I was disappointed by WinterStars Above would have been better if a number of the short stories weren’t already available on other platforms. I’m kind of terrified that I wouldn’t like CinderScarlet, and Cress as much the second time around just because I didn’t love the second half of the series.


✨ Honestly, anything by Lisa Unger. The main draw of her writing is all the crazy twists, and I just can’t see the books being as good if I already knew what was going to happen.

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