Book review: Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren

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Evie and Carter are talent agents at rival agencies who meet via mutual friends and fall hard. It’s hard to have a relationship in their line of work, but they’re committed to making it work — until their agencies unexpectedly merge and they’re vying for the same position. In the cutthroat land of Hollywood, can Evie and Carter put aside the competition, or will their connection fizzle out before it’s even given a real chance?

Roomies was one of my favorites of 2017, so I was really excited to find that my library had some Christina Lauren! I’ll admit that I was skeptical of Dating You/Hating You when I first read the summary. Let’s be honest. It sounds like a knock-off of The Hating Game, which was one of the best of the best that I read in 2017. The authors swear that the book is totally different, and… I guess they’re right? It’s no Hating Game, that’s for sure.

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