Novella review: Lights, Cowboy, Action by Cindi Madsen

Lights, Cowboy, Action by Cindi Madsen
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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Publication Date: July 5, 2016
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Kaia Bardot is determined to move out from under her famous father’s shadow and prove she deserves her own director title. But when her lead actor needs cowboy lessons, she needs someone to get him up to speed, and fast. Who better than the real live cowboy who owns the ranch? If only he weren’t so infuriatingly stubborn.

Grady Langston’s trying to get the family ranch up and running again. Now his sister has decided the solution to their problems is to rent the place to a movie crew. He wants nothing to do with it. Until he lays eyes on the pretty director, who alternatively intrigues and drives him crazy.

Despite being opposites, there’s definitely a spark between Grady and Kaia. But how do a Hollywood director and small-town cowboy manage a real-life happy ending?

Of all the probably 200 books I have sitting unread on my Kindle, I wasn’t planning to read Lights, Cowboy, Action any time soon. I love Cindi Madsen, but cowboys aren’t really my thing, and neither are Hollywood books, but my Goodreads summer reading challenge said that I had to read a Western and it was close enough. I mean, is it really, technically a Western? I’m not sure. But it’s about a cowboy on a New Mexico ranch, so in my opinion, it’s close enough. (Also, I’ve owned it for nearly a year, so it qualified for my Killing the TBR challenge, and I’m all about two birds and one stone.)

I hadn’t realized that this was a novella. I also hadn’t realized that it would be a super cliched romance filled with enough insta-love to make me roll my eyes, but it is and it was. I think Cindi Madsen is a really talented writer, but I only kind of liked this novella. I mean, granted, things have to move pretty quickly in a book that’s only 74 pages, but I’m pretty sure Grady and Kaia were in love before they even met. They spend about a minute half-heartedly trying to deny their attraction before spending the rest of the book alternating between kissing and yelling out, “WHAT IN TARNATION.” (Side note: my manager likes to yell out “WHAT IN TARNATION” when something weird happens in the office, so that expression will never not make me smile.)

The whole story is fine if you’re into this kind of fast-paced, stereotypical romance, but I guess I was just hoping for a little bit more.

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