Top Ten Tuesday: Popular books that live up to the hype

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today we’re talking about books that actually live up to the hype, and we all know that I tend to dislike overhyped books. That said, here are ten books that are (or were) frequently hyped in the book blogosphere that I actually really enjoyed.


Are there any super-popular books that you would recommend? Did you participate in Top Ten Tuesday today? Feel free to drop your link in the comments and I’ll check it out!

39 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Popular books that live up to the hype

  1. Winged Cynic says:

    My Lady Jane and Gentleman’s Guide were total surprises for me! I didn’t know they were hyped, but they totally grabbed my attention from page one. And I’m a bit scared about the hype for Red Rising, but I’m sure it’s great because literally everyone seems to love the series. Oh, and I didn’t know Everything, Everything is a beloved book, but I’ll check that one out too. 😉 Terrific picks!

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  2. morganasbookbox says:

    I´m not really doing Top Ten Tuesdays but from the looks of it… I might as well start next week. Lol. I´m with you. I don´t really fancy hyped books and tend to turn my back to them…ALL. It´s not because the books might be less good.. It´s more because I dislike having books shoved at me from all directions. Thankfully, I read Simon and The Hate before the books even got a chance to become annoying – never – will – read (s). Cinder, though… I refuse to read that one. It´s not the book´s fault. I blame my annoyance on social media. Lol. Great post.I´m really happy you enjoyed the hyped reads 🙂

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