Tag: 25 Bookish Facts About Me

Thank you to Rebecca @ Bookishly Rebecca for tagging me to share 25 bookish facts about me!

1. Sometimes I think I did things backwards. From the age of maybe 16 to 20, I read adult books almost exclusively. Now that I’m a Certified Adult, I read YA more than ever before.

2. I love listening to audiobooks. But usually I prefer nonfiction over fiction.

3. I love buying books for little kids. I went to a children’s book festival and got signed copies of a bunch of books for Christmas presents.

4. I can’t resist a cute friends-to-lovers book. It’s the one trope that I almost always love.

5. There was a good year or so where I was really into erotica, and now I just can’t do it. I don’t know what changed, but now I cringe the entire way through.

6. Sometimes I’ll get really into a series and won’t be able to read anything else until I finish it. When I was about fourteen years old, I read all 36 books of Francine Pascal’s Fearless series back to back. This happened more recently with The Raven Cycle.

7. I feel like I read way too many ARCs this year, so now I’m taking a break and reading all the books I bought myself and then promptly forgot about.

8. I’m really bad about judging books by their covers. If I don’t like the cover, I’m most likely not going to read the book. I feel bad about this and it’s something that I want to work on.

9. I used to wait forever before writing a review, but now I try to do it the minute that I finish the book. That way I don’t get confused about character names or forget what happened.

10. I always take off the dust jacket when I read a hardcover book. I always feel like I’m going to ruin it if I don’t.

11. I get more distracted when I’m reading a physical copy than when I’m reading an ebook. I don’t really know why.

12. I’ve gotten really into used bookstores this year. The only one we have in my town is in the library, but I’m there at least once a week.

13. I hardly ever re-read anything. There are too many books on my TBR and too many new books being released!

14. I also hardly ever DNF anything. I’ll try to push through to the end no matter what, but I’m trying to change that. Again, there are too many books on my TBR and too many new books being released to waste time on books I’m not enjoying.

15. If there’s one genre I hate, it’s dark romance. Most of my snarkiest reviews are of dark romance books because I just can’t do it.

16. When I first started reading, my mom gave me a lecture about respecting books. She told me never to dog-ear a page and I listened. If I don’t have a bookmark handy, I’ll find something else to use or update my progress on Goodreads.

17. I have a really hard time falling asleep if I don’t read before bed. I usually try to read for at least an hour before bed, but I prefer to read even more than that.

18. I love it when people ask me what I’m reading. (Maybe that’s obvious because I have a blog about books.) But seriously, it makes me so happy to talk about books with literally anybody.

19. Since I hardly ever re-read books, I’m perfectly fine with lending out my books (or just giving them away). The only ones I wouldn’t part with are signed copies from my favorite authors.

20. I think I must look like I like books, because one time I was in Scotland and a couple stopped me to ask me where the library was. I’d been in this tiny town for all of a day, but I actually had an answer for them. I always know where the library is.

21. I’m a pretty easygoing person, but repeatedly interrupt me while I’m reading something good and I might bite your head off. I make exceptions to this rule for my favorite people and also my cat.

22. I hate reading hyped books. My expectations get too high and I’m usually disappointed.

23. I love sassy characters and I love banter. I can almost guarantee that I’ll love a book with sassy characters and good banter.

24. One of my favorite things is reading a book in one sitting, although I don’t usually have the time for that anymore.

25. I’ve recently started reading in the bath, which is a thing that always terrified me (what if I drop the book?!) but that I’m now really enjoying. I get less distracted than when I’m reading on my couch or in bed and it’s also really relaxing.

So, those are my 25 bookish facts! I’m not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you feel like sharing 25 bookish facts about yourself, please consider yourself tagged! How do you feel about my bookish facts? What’s a bookish fact about you? Let’s talk in the comments!

Monthly Favorites: October 2018

Normally when I do my monthly favorites post, I include my favorite YA and adult books of the month. There’s typically a third category, too, depending on what I’ve read that month. Sometimes it’s “favorite NA” or “favorite non-fiction,” but in October, I didn’t really read anything other than YA. (And the things I read other than YA were… not great.) So, here you have it, my top YA book of October!

What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera
[my review]

What were your favorites from October?
Have you read What If It’s Us? What did you think?
Let me know in the comments!