Book review: Lone Wolf Lawman by Delores Fossen

Lone Wolf Lawman by Delores Fossen
Series: Appaloosa Pass Ranch #1
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
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Publication Date: October 20, 2015
Source: BookCon freebie

A Texas Ranger must protect the daughter of a serial killer from becoming his next victim…

Breaking into the home of the woman who shared his bed three months ago isn’t Weston Cade’s usual MO. But the Texas Ranger is on a personal vendetta to catch a killer, and Addie Crockett is the man’s biological daughter. The beautiful rancher also happens to be carrying Wes’s child…

Addie can’t remember her birth father, but she’ll never forget the lover who took her to bed — and then disappeared. Now she has to trust Wes with her life. And the life of their unborn baby. As desire reignites, Addie quickly discovers that with this lawman by her side, she just might escape the target on her back.

If you’re sitting there reading this review and thinking, what even is this book, it sounds terrible, then we’re on the same page. This isn’t a book that I ever intended to read. Harlequin isn’t my thing. Romantic suspense isn’t my thing. Personal vendettas on Texas ranches… definitely not my thing. But one of my newer book-related goals is to read everything I got at BookCon by the end of the year. And I feel like I need to mention that I didn’t try to get this book. It was shoved in my face as I walked past the Harlequin booth.

And thank god that I didn’t make any effort to get this book or spend any money on it because it was not good. I could tell by approximately page two (which was inexplicably marked as page eight??) that I was going to strongly dislike this book. The writing is just… not good. The plot is all over the place. The characters don’t make any sense. There’s plot twist after plot twist after plot twist and each one is more out there than the last.

I thought about doing a “number of thoughts I had while reading” kind of review, but that would require me to devote more time to this book, and I was not having that. This is a very short book, so pretty much the only positive I can think of is that it only took a couple hours to read.

#killingthetbr: five months on shelf

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