Tag: Out of My Comfort Zone

I’ve seen this out of my comfort zone book tag floating around for a while and I was so excited to be tagged by Shaz! Thank you for the tag, and I can’t wait to get started on this one. ❤

This tag was originally created by Emma @ emmmabooks on YouTube

The one rule:

You have to pick ONE GENRE that you frequently read about… and then, you can’t use ANY books from that genre while answering the questions!

My genre:

I think the genre I’ve read the most of recently is YA romance, so I’m going with that!

A book that is an exception when it comes to genres or elements you don’t typically like

As much as I try to enjoy political nonfiction, I usually end up either disliking it or feeling indifferent. On Tyranny, though? Amazing. Highly recommended. One of the best nonfiction books in recent memory, and definitely the best political nonfiction of 2018.

A book you enjoyed from a genre that you previously held some stigma against

I was definitely biased against graphic novels for a long time. But I’d seen a ton of positive reviews of Saga and was in a bit of a slump, so I decided to pick it up. I ended up LOVING it.

A book you didn’t know was outside of your comfort zone until you started reading it

Okay, so The Pawn isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever read, but I thought it was just going to be your normal erotic novel and then it just… wasn’t. I mean, the chili juice? The chess pieces? The weird subplot with the uncle? Just no. No. NO.

Pick a friend who motivates you to pick up books you might not normally be interested in — is there a book they convinced you to give a try?

Daniel has recommended many books to me and they’ve all been great. I picked up Faithful Place because of his recommendation and I ended up really liking it!

A book that is out of your comfort zone, but you would like to read

I don’t read a lot of classics. I also don’t read a lot of dystopian novels anymore. But I would like to read The Handmaid’s Tale, if only just to see what all of the hype is about.

A book/genre so outside of your comfort zone that you’ll probably never give it a chance

I am, in general, a pretty open-minded reader. I was really tempted to say that there isn’t a book in existence that I wouldn’t at least try (after all, I read the terrible mess that was Troll) but then I remembered that The Wild is a thing that exists. This book was all over Goodreads when it came out and people either loved it or hated it. Personally, this book sounds like a disaster to me and I don’t think I could stomach an incestuous relationship between a father and daughter, so it’s a definite no from me.

I’m tagging: Raya | Erin | Brianna | Jaymi

If you’ve already done this or you don’t feel like doing it, please feel free to ignore me! And if I didn’t tag you but you want to do it, please consider yourself tagged and link back to me so I can see your choices. 🙂

31 thoughts on “Tag: Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. jamsu says:

    Saga was out of my comfort one too! I think someone gushing over it on booktube made me want to start it. It helped when I found that it was for adult audience so I knew it had to have romance. This tagged looks interesting and I might do it some point.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. whatsnonfiction says:

    The Handmaid’s Tale is fantastic! I never much liked dystopian novels either but it didn’t bother me about that one, it’s something different. And I really need to read On Tyranny, I’m glad to hear you have such high praise for it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jessica at Booked J says:

    The Handmaid’s Tale is A LOT when it comes to messing with your emotions. It’s downright chilling, but in a really good and thought provoking way. I hope you enjoy it when you do get to it! Also OH MY GOD someone else who feels the same way about The Pawn. I’m still ?? over that book it was so bizarre.


  4. rayasreads says:

    Thanks for the tag! I agree with you on The Pawn. I thought of giving the author another try with her recent Trust Fund series. I had to DNF the first book within 20% of it. Skye Warren sure writes convoluted and weird plot-lines that I have a hard time making sense of.
    And people actually read The Wild? Like, really? I have a hard time digesting that fact.

    Liked by 1 person

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