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You may or may not be aware that Taylor Swift is basically my favorite. I love her music (and her) so much and so I was very excited to be tagged for this by Laura Beth!

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Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren! This one hit me so hard when I was reading it.

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I think about The Raven Cycle a lot. I was surprised by how much I loved this series and it’s even more surprising that, almost a year later, I’m still thinking about these characters.

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I’d be scared to watch it because it would have to be perfect, but I’d love to see an adaptation of The Hating Game.

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I’ve mentioned how much I love this cover many, many times, but you know what? I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of the cover for What If It’s Us.

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The Great Gatsby - Complex

I think any classic is going to get some amount of hate, but it really breaks my heart when people talk about hating The Catcher in the Rye or hating Holden.

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Mr. Popper’s Penguins always reminds me of being in elementary school and being forced to read it in front of a bunch of older kids. I really did love this book, though.

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I knew from the first couple pages of Nevernight that I would absolutely adore it.

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I think I’d get sick of any book if I read it too much, so I’m not really sure how to answer this question.

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I could choose just about any book that I’ve read, but I’ll go with You’d Be Mine for this one. The last line of this book just makes the whole romance. I love it so much.

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From the first volume, I couldn’t help but be obsessed with Saga.

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Okay, so Kaleidoscope Hearts was really good! Torn Hearts is one of the worst romances I’ve ever read.

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I’m tagging any Taylor Swift fans who haven’t already done this tag, but especially Daniel. ❤

Do you want to do this tag? Please consider yourself tagged and link back to me so that I can see your answers! What’s a book or series that you’ve recently become obsessed with? Which book would you like to see turned into a movie? Let’s talk in the comments!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten series that I still need to finish

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s actual theme is “standalone books that need a sequel,” but let me tell you something — I hate it when standalones get a sequel. It just feels like an unnecessary money grab to me. So I’m putting my own spin on this sequel theme and going with ten series that I still need to finish. I’m honestly the worst at finishing series. Maybe this post will give me the push I need to get through these series!

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Last year, I read up through Queen of Shadows before I took a break. I fully intended to finish that series by the end of the year, but I guess that life just got in the way. I have Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn (though they’re currently in boxes), so I really have no excuse not to keep going.

Warcross by Marie Lu

It’s no secret that I didn’t love Warcross, but I still kind of want to know what all the hype is about? Maybe if I read the sequel, I’ll understand it better.

The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind was easily one of my favorites of 2018. I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to read The Wise Man’s Fear soon and then I keep not doing it! I think the fact that it’s 1,000 pages is just something that’s hard for me to get over. I’m going to do it though. Eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Dublin Murder Squad by Tana French

I’ve read (and loved) both Faithful Place and The Secret Place. I actually own the other four books in the series and just haven’t read them yet. I have no excuse!!

Jackaby by William Ritter

I read Jackaby in 2017 and really enjoyed it! I remember adding the rest of the series to my library wishlist, but for some reason, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m so happy that I’m making this list right now because it reminded me that I need to finish this series!

Famous by Jenny Holiday

I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Famous when I read it a couple of years ago. I’ve been meaning to read Infamous ever since, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Someday.

Fence by C.S. Pacat

To be fair, I’m almost caught up with Fence. (You can see my review of #1-5 and #6-10 if you’d like.) I only have two more issues until I’m caught up, so the completionist side of me really wants to just be done, but I’m kind of losing interest in this series since nothing is really happening.

Winston Brothers by Penny Reid

Sometimes I love Penny Reid’s writing and sometimes I hate it, but I own a bunch of these Winston Brothers books, so I might as well read them.

All for the Game by Nora Sakavic

It’s no secret that I really disliked The Foxhole Court. But so many people adore this series and I’ve heard that it gets better as it goes, so I’m really tempted to see what all the hype is about. I mean, if I’m honest, I’ll probably hate it. But I still want to know for sure!

Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

I really enjoyed Truly Devious and was so excited about The Vanishing Stair! Now I just… haven’t read it even though it’s been out for two months. Okay.

Did you do your own Top Ten Tuesday post today? Feel free to leave your link in the comments and I’ll check it out! Have you finished any of these series? Are there any I should prioritize or any I should take off my list? Let’s talk in the comments!

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