Top Ten Tuesday: Ten artists I’ve been listening to on repeat

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today is an audio freebie, meaning audiobooks, music, podcasts, or anything that you listen to. I decided to go with ten artists I’ve been listening to on repeat because I’ll take any opportunity to talk about music.

Also, much of the credit for this list goes to my boyfriend for making sure I know all about the latest and greatest songs. ❤


If you’ve read my last few Weekly Updates, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I’m currently obsessed with Sigrid. I just love her so much and I hope that she announces a US tour soon!

some current favorites:


There’s something about dodie’s music that just makes me so happy. I have at least one of her songs on most of my playlists.

some current favorites:


I guess it was last summer when Alt Nation started playing the heck out of “You Should See Me in a Crown.” I was just kind of like… oh, okay. I didn’t have any strong opinions either way. But then one day pretty recently my boyfriend told me to listen to some of her other songs, and I fell in love.

some current favorites:


I’m actually going to a Broods concert next month and I’m so excited! They’re one of my newest obsessions.

some current favorites:


This one probably shouldn’t come as much of a shock either, since I don’t even know how many times I’ve included Lorde’s songs in my Weekly Updates. I think one time I even did a playlist of all my favorite Lorde songs.

some current favorites:


Another favorite artist that shouldn’t come as much of a shock is Taylor Swift. I am, quite honestly, obsessed with her. (And have been for at least a decade.) I’ve done multiple Taylor Swift tags (see the first one here and a more recent one here) and also did a Top Ten Tuesday post about which of her songs I think would make great books. I don’t even know how I chose my current favorites, but I somehow did.

some current favorites:


I think it was about two years ago that I first went to a twenty one pilots concert. This summer, I’m going to another one. I always love them, but my obsession comes in waves. I’m not super obsessed right now, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I get into another mood where they’re all I want to listen to.

some current favorites:


Bastille somehow breaks my heart and makes me happy all at the same time. I don’t even know how it works, but I love them so much.

some current favorites:

(side note: I recently met someone named Laura Palmer and I wanted to ask her if she knows she shares a name with a great Bastille song, but I didn’t want to be weird so I didn’t.)


I almost went to a Satellite Mode show a few months ago. I don’t even remember why I didn’t, but they’re from New York, which is like an hour away from me, so it’s definitely going to happen someday.

some current favorites:


Another concert I almost went to was Chelsea Jade in Brooklyn! The concert ended up getting cancelled, but I have faith that someday she’ll come back.

some current favorites:

Did you do your own Top Ten Tuesday post today? Feel free to leave your link in the comments and I’ll check it out! What have you been listening to lately? Are you a fan of any of these artists? Let’s talk in the comments!

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36 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten artists I’ve been listening to on repeat

  1. Angela says:

    OMG i love this list, so many good songs! 💕 I am also slightly obsessed with Billie Eilish so I’m so happy to see you like her too! Have you listened to Ocean Eyes? I love that so much 😭💙

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jordyn says:

    This is an awesome list!! I agree on so many – love Tswift, TOP, Billie Eilish. Will have to check out a couple of the ones you listed that I’ve never heard – sounds like we might have similar tastes!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. librarylizz says:

    Billie Eilish is so odd, it’s so good. Honestly wasn’t too sure of how I felt until I did some more digging. There’s this awesome Zed’s Dead mix of her you should check out. EDM isn’t really my thing, but she’s so close to being into that genre that it makes the mix amazing.

    Also love how diverse your music is. I used to be low key embarrassed that my post emo kid self was digging Taylor Swift. But she’s literally everything. Call it What You Want was on repeat for ever for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tilly says:

    This was such a great idea, I wish I’d thought of it! I must admit, I saw Sigrid at the top of your list and chuckled to myself. She was fab when I saw her supporting George Ezra.
    Massive Lorde fan too, I’ve had Team stuck in my head all day!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hannah @ But First, Fiction says:

    What an epic soundtrack 😀

    I scrolled through and thought, “Yep… yep… YEP!” I only haven’t heard of Satellite Mode and Chelsea Jade, but based on your other tastes I’ll give them a listen today and I’m sure I’ll love them, too 😉

    I’m so jealous you’re going to see Sigrid! Being in South Africa means we don’t get a *lot* of international artists our way, so I have to leap at any opportunity I can. Ed Sheeran performed in my city this past weekend and I took my mom – it was a blast. And I’ll be seeing The 1975 in October, which I’m really REALLY pumped for! But we probably won’t get Sigrid for a good while :/

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Zarlyn says:

    Taylor Swift😍 I’m not ashamed loving her music😊 She is extremely talented in writing her lyrics and is not afraid of putting a lot of emotions in her songs. I’ve also been a swiftie for ten years now! I’m gonna do her book tags next time cause it’s really cute and totally loved it!

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