Page Count: March 2019

This is probably the saddest page count I’ll ever do, but I guess this is what happens when you come down with a terrible cold, then move, then fall into a slump because of terrible books, and then have actual plans all in the same month. Fingers crossed for a better month in April.

197 pages256 pages304 pages286 pages
320 pages274 pages

Total pages: 1,637
Total books: 6
Average rating: 2.83 stars

How did March go for you? Did you read as much as you hoped?

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16 thoughts on “Page Count: March 2019

  1. Stephanie says:

    I did better than I expected. Nothing throws you off like getting sick (and uggggghhhhh, those reading slumps. Seriously the worst. Seems like there are a lot of them going around- maybe it’s the time of year. Spring should be the start of warm weather, but instead, it’s just sloppy and gray and STILL FLIPPIN’ COLD GRRRRRR); I’ve definitely been there.

    Hope April will be more productive for you and find you in much better health! 🙂

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    • Sara @ The Bibliophagist says:

      Thank you so much! (And I’m glad you did better than expected!) I’m very ready for spring. Here we were teased with one really nice day over the weekend, and then it was just COLD AND GROSS this morning. Fingers crossed for nice weather soon so I can sit outside with my coffee and a book. 🙂


  2. denaiir says:

    You had a busy month so don’t worry it was just life getting in the way (and germs, urgh)
    I got into a bit of a slump in March too, I think I really need to reconsider the genres of the books I get, I’m not in a YA mood at all and I’ve tried to start one or 2 but it didn’t work. Evely Hugo saved me at the end of the month! I’m probably going to try some contemporary / romance in April, I feel like something fluffy. I loved The Truth About Happily Ever After last year and I need something like that 🙂
    I really want to try to read a book by Emma Mills, they all sound really cute ❤
    Hope your April goes well!

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    • Sara @ The Bibliophagist says:

      I have Evelyn Hugo on my TBR and I’ve heard it’s a great book to read if you’re in a slump. I’ll have to try it one of these days. 🙂

      And the genre of books definitely affects how quickly I read. I can easily read three or four YA books a week, but most other genres take me a lot longer. I would definitely recommend Famous in a Small Town! I haven’t read any of her other books, but I might pick one up next time I’m at the library.

      I hope you have a good April too! ❤

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      • denaiir says:

        Exactly Evelyn Hugo was great to get me out of my reading slump because I was hooked from page 1 and my attention never wavered, I was never lost in thought because her voice was hypnotizing!

        I have trouble getting to some books because due to my new commuting situation I almost exclusively listen to audiobooks as opposed to reading physical ones, that’s why I haven’t read Emma Mills yet, but I’ll probably get a physical copy for my next flight or vacation!

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