Tag: The Jonas Brothers Book Tag

Thanks to Angelica for tagging me! I’m not a huge Jonas Brothers fan, but that doesn’t even matter because I am a huge book tag fan. 🙂 I’m really excited to do this one.


  • You don’t gotta be a JoBro fan, you just gotta love books
  • Mention the creator (Rendz @ReadingWithRendz)
  • Answer the prompts
  • Tag 3 peeps! (4 if you wanna take into consideration the Bonus Jonas)

“Year 3000”

A book/series set in the way distant future
A book/series that took you on an adventure


27 Hours takes place in the future and also takes us on a nice adventure!

“Hold On”

A book/series that took a while for you to get into

Krista & Becca Ritchie’s Addicted series is one of my favorites, but it really took me until the third book or so to love it.


A book/series that you needed saving from


I definitely needed saving from The Pawn. You can see my review here if you’d like.

“When You Look Me in the Eyes”

A romance that makes you melt into a puddle of goo


I don’t think me choosing The Hating Game here will come as a surprise. By now everybody in the whole entire world (all 7.5 billion people) knows that I’m obsessed with Josh and Lucy.

“Burnin’ Up”

A book/series so good it set you on fire

I could not put the Raven Cycle down! I just had to know what happened next.


A ship you were not expecting, but it happened and you ship it

I feel like I kind of see every ship coming… because I ship everyone and everything… but maybe Luna and Donnelly from Krista & Becca Ritchie’s Like Us series? They’re really minor characters in the series, but I’m hoping their eventual book will redeem the series for me.


A book/series that kept you on your toes the whole time

I was on my toes, on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, dying to know what was going to happen next the whole time I was reading You.


A book/series you would reread over and over again

I can’t really answer this one since I don’t do re-reads!

I’m not going to tag anyone in particular for this one, but if you want to do it, please feel free and link back to me so that I can see your answers! Which book or series did you need to be saved from? Which unexpected ship did you fall for? Let’s talk in the comments!

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ABC Book Challenge ✰ Z

I’ve seen this ABC Book Challenge on a lot of different blogs, but most recently Thrice Read. This week is the letter Z. I can’t believe we’re already to this point! My goodness!!!


I have not, to my knowledge, ever read a book starting with Z. I’m going to have to fix this!


Have you read any books that start with Z? Are any on your TBR? Let’s talk in the comments!

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