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I was not tagged, but I love Fall Out Boy and I love books and I love tags, so I had to do this when I saw it on Angelica‘s blog!

The Rules

  • Link to the creator’s blog (Raine Reads)
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Pick a book or character to answer each prompt
  • Tag as many bloggers as you’d like!

Take This to Your Grave

a book that’s a little rough around the edges but you love it anyway

I definitely understand what it is that makes people dislike Emergency Contact. But I just love it so much. I think that what makes it rough around the edges is also what makes it realistic and great.

Sugar, We’re Goin Down

a book that lives up to the hype

You probably thought I was going to go with The Hating Game. Surprisingly, I’ve decided to go with something different. I was a little bit afraid to read Ready Player One since I don’t always go for this kind of story, but this one was really well-done.

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”

a book with pop culture references

You might not think a book set in 1553 would contain a lot of pop culture references, but… My Lady Jane does.

Thnks fr th Mmrs

a book that you changed your opinion about

I don’t know if it’s really accurate to say that I’ve changed my opinion about The Gentleman’s Guide. I still think it’s a great book, but I’ve definitely changed my mind about its author.

What A Catch, Donnie

a character that you want to take care of

There are many characters I want to take care of. Adam Parrish. Holland Vosijk. Darius Kellner. The one I’m going with for this prompt, though, is Luka Kotova from Infini.

Just One Yesterday

a book you wish you could read for the first time again

I absolutely loved Fangirl the first time around. I’m actually planning to re-read it, but I wish I could read it again for the first time.

Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside

a book that you were excited to read but ended up being a disappointment

I was a huge fan of Chuck Palahniuk when I was in high school. I read all of the books of his that my local library had. I got Pygmy for my 19th birthday and just HATED it. I haven’t read anything else of his since.


a book you see everywhere but are afraid to read

I just finished Daisy Jones & the Six and loved it. I’ve really only seen positive reviews of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. It’s just sooo hyped that I’m terrified that I’m going to hate it.

Ghost Busters (I’m Not Afraid)

a new take on a classic story

At the Stroke of Midnight is basically a sexy, feminist retelling of Cinderella.

Young and Menace

a controversial book

Let me tell you, I had some conflicted feelings about All the Bright Places. It was written in a way that made it very hard to put down. Niven made me feel a lot of things for her characters. But I feel like the whole message of the book is problematic and I can’t support it.

I’m not going to tag anyone to do this, but if you love Fall Out Boy, please feel free (and please link back to me so I can see your answers)! Which book do you wish you could read for the first time again? What’s your favorite book that includes pop culture references? Let’s talk in the comments!

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23 thoughts on “Tag: Fall Out Boy Book Tag

  1. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    This is a really fun tag!! I have been loving fall out boy lately!!
    I can understand why the hype makes you nervous to read Evelyn Hugo and you have probably heard this but I think it is worth the hype. The writing is great and the characters are complex and I couldn’t put it down. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ivy @ Raine Reads says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this tag! These are some amazing answers Sarah ❤️ I certainly have to agree with you on All the Bright Places. So many people really enjoyed this story but I found it extremely problematic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sara @ The Bibliophagist says:

      I had so many problems with that book, the biggest being how the author seems to place a lot of blame on Violet for doing what I would consider to be the absolutely right thing. The second biggest is probably how Finch had no personality characteristics outside of his mental illness. I’m about to get started on a rant right now, so I think I’ll just stop there…

      But thank you so much! ❤ This was such a fun tag!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. denaiir says:

    Nice tag! I love Fall Out Boy too 😊
    I had the same apprehension about Evelyn Hugo but finally read it recently and I adored it
    I loved All the Bright Places, was ugly crying while reading on the train 😆
    I didn’t enjoy The Gentleman’s Guide… So not too sad the author turned out to be a witch 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sara @ The Bibliophagist says:

      I’m still really apprehensive about reading Evelyn Hugo, but since I did just really love another of the author’s books, I’m a little bit more ready to read it.

      And I totally believe you about ugly crying on the train! That is one emotional book!

      And ugh, I’m not even going to get started on that Mackenzi Lee drama right now. Just thinking about it makes me mad!

      Liked by 1 person

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