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I was tagged by Consu to do the Anything But Books tag! I don’t get a lot of chances to talk about things I love other than reading on my blog anymore, so this sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!

Name A Cartoon Character That You Love

Tina from Bob’s Burgers.

What Is Your Favourite Song Right Now

Not sure how I’m supposed to choose one single favorite song, but I’m feeling a resurgence of my love for Strange Desire by Bleachers, and especially the song “Wake Me.”

What Could You Do For Hours
(That Isn’t Reading)

Play with cats, pet cats, talk about cats… basically anything dealing with cats.

What Is Something You Love To Do That Your Followers Would Be Surprised By

I don’t know if there’s really anything that my followers would be surprised to hear that I enjoy, but maybe going to comic book stores? This is a new thing for me and I’ve found that I really enjoy it!

What Is Your Favourite Unnecessarily Specific Thing to Learn About

I love reading about linguistics, especially modern linguistics. I love hearing about how language is evolving and how things like emojis and acronyms find their way into our everyday lives. Modern linguistic trends are really interesting to me, too, like vocal fry (the creaky voice that’s stereotypically used by bored teenage girls at the end of a sentence).

What Is Something Unusual You Know How to Do

People that don’t work in medical coding might think it’s unusual that I have pretty much every dermatology-specific procedure code memorized, along with what documentation is necessary to bill for it.

Name Something You’ve Made in The Last Year (And Show Us If You Can)

I have made a lot of things in the last year, but one that I was happiest with is these chocolate-dipped cheesecake bars that my boyfriend and I made back in February. (Also pictured are chocolate chip cookie lava cakes.)

What Is Your Most Recent Personal Project

Hmm, probably decorating my apartment. I’ll share pictures once it’s done (provided it looks how I’m imagining) but it’s going to be based around one of my favorite series.

Tell Us Something You Think About Often (Maybe While Staring Out of Windows)

Without being too dramatic… the indeterminate future where I’m working at a job I actually enjoy and living in New York.

Give Us Something That’s Your Favourite, But Make It Something Oddly Specific

Sunday excursions with my boyfriend. We go out for lunch, usually go in a few shops downtown, look around the library for a while, sometimes get ice cream, and really just go wherever and do whatever we feel like. It’s such a nice and relaxing way to spend a Sunday while still having a lot of fun.

Say The First Thing That Pops Into Your Head

I’m tired.

I’m not tagging anyone specifically to do this, but please link back to me if you do your own post! What’s your favorite oddly specific thing? What’s your favorite song right now? Let’s talk in the comments!

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