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I was tagged by Sailor to do the No Disclaimers Book Tag! I’m so far behind on all my tags but I’m really trying to get caught up. Thank you so much for tagging me! ❤


1. Which trope (or tropes) in books annoy you the most?

There are a few tropes that really annoy me.

  • Like Sailor, miscommunication is a big one. I hate it when the main conflict of a book is something that could have been solved by a three-minute conversation.
  • I’m generally not a big fan of the love triangle, unless it’s well-written enough to be believable.
  • Possibly my least favorite trope is “not like other girls,” because first of all, it’s insulting (what’s wrong with being a girl) and second of all, it’s probably the least creative description you could come up with.

2. Which writer or writers do you feel are overrated/overhyped?

I’ve said it a few times now, but Cassandra Clare.

3. What are your least favorite books you’ve read, since joining BookTube?

I’m not part of BookTube at all, but some least favorites I’ve read since blogging would be:

4. A terrible ending, that ruined an otherwise quality book?

While I didn’t read it myself, I did enjoy a dramatic reading of Wilder Girls by my boyfriend while driving across the country. The writing in the book was great, but that ending just destroyed it for me.

5. Which fictional character(s) do you wish were not killed off?

Um, spoilers. I feel like I can’t answer this one. Sorry!

6. What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

One of my least favorite things in a book is medical facts being wrong, like someone ripping an IV out of their arm and going about their business like nothing happened. I also really hate when things happen just to elicit an emotional response. I don’t mind crying while I’m reading, but I hate it when a book feels like it was specifically written to make you cry.

7. What are some books you feel should have more recognition?

I’m not going to tag anybody specifically, but if you think this looks fun, please link back to me so that I can see your answers! What are some of your bookish pet peeves? Which tropes annoy you most? Let’s talk in the comments!

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