Book Review: Revival, Vol. 1 by Tim Seeley

Revival, Vol. 1 by Tim Seeley
Rating: ★★★★☆
Links: Amazon • TBD • Goodreads
Publication Date: December 12, 2012
Source: Borrowed

For one day in rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Now it’s up to Officer Dana Cypress to deal with the media scrutiny, religious zealots, and government quarantine that has come with them. In a town where the living have to learn to deal with those who are supposed to be dead, Officer Cypress must solve a brutal murder, and everyone, alive or undead, is a suspect.

One day over the summer, I went into a comic book shop looking for some specific single issues of Saga. I flipped through the Image section and didn’t find the Saga issues I was looking for, but I did find an issue of Revival that featured my hometown inside the mouth of a skull.

It’s a little spooky, but I’ve never seen Wausau, Wisconsin featured in anything, so I had to read it. You know how sometimes, a book will be set somewhere, but only technically? Like, the characters say they’re in a specific place, but there’s nothing to indicate that they actually are? Not the case with Revival. I may have said, “OH MY GOD, THEY’RE ACTUALLY IN WAUSAU” out loud while I was reading this.

These characters go places I know. They drive down streets that are very close to the house I grew up in. They mention restaurants I’ve been to. I didn’t expect that at all and it made me love this graphic novel so much.

As for the actual story, it’s pretty spooky!! People are dying but they’re not staying dead. Sometimes they’re fine, but sometimes they revive with a thirst for blood. There’s a creepy white demon hiding in the woods and we don’t know much about it. The first volume of this graphic novel really just sets up the whole series, but I’m intrigued and I’m ready to jump into the next one.

Have you read Revival? Have you read any books set in your hometown?
Let’s talk in the comments!

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