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I’ve seen this one going around a lot but wasn’t actually tagged. (I’m just over here pretending I don’t have a ton of tags I was actually tagged in to do.) Anyway, I thought this was the perfect tag to do right before Halloween, and what can I say? I love spoopy memes. 🎃


  • If you’d like to do this tag, please link back to this post so I can see your answers!
  • Feel free to use the banner above if you’d like, and I highly suggest you copy over the memes, as they give the questions context.

Time to get spooky! What books will you be reading to celebrate this time of year?

I’m not super into spooky books, but I did just finish Doll Bones by Holly Black. It’s middle grade but it’s definitely got some creepy stuff going on!

Do you put up decorations for Halloween? If so, describe them! Even better, show them!

Well, let’s see. On my front door there’s a sparkly spooky black cat. On my balcony, there’s some light up pumpkins and a real pumpkin. And at my desk at work, I have some Halloween garland. I don’t have pictures of my house (and I’m too lazy to get out of my bed right now) but here’s a corner of my desk:

Also, I was legitimately tempted to print out that meme to hang at my desk the first time I saw it, and honestly, I still might.

What is the scariest book you’ve ever read? What made it so scary?

You know, like I said, I don’t read a lot of spooky books. But one book that stuck with me was 172 Hours on the Moon. It’s psychologically scary.

What’s the last book you read that truly shocked you, made your jaw drop, or made you chuck the book across the room?

Does wanting to chuck the book across the room in anger because the ending was so horrible and ridiculous count? If so, Neverworld Wake. (And if not, I really have no idea.) If I hadn’t been listening to an audiobook at work and if I were a violent person, that book would have gone flying.

What’s a book that’s fallen out of the spotlight that you still really like and try get people to read?

There are two! For adult romance, definitely The Hating Game. (We all know I love The Hating Game.) And for YA, definitely Starry Eyes! Both books are so great and don’t have a lot of hype anymore.

Are you dressing up this year? If so, what as? If not, what would be your costume if you were?

I’m not going to go all-out, but I might wear a cat ear headband or something.

What is your opinion on the word ‘spoopy’, and memes that follow its theme?

I think it’s great, and I love memes.

Well, Halloween is tomorrow, so I’m not going to tag anybody, but please steal this tag! And link back to me so I can see your answers! Are you dressing up for Halloween? How do you feel about memes? Let’s talk in the comments!

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