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Many thanks to Laura Beth @ Hot Shot Headlines for tagging me to do the Disney Princess Hair Book Tag! ❤ (It’s been more than a year, but better late than never, right?)

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Best Hair Accessory

Favorite book sidekick

Princess: I love the flowers in Rapunzel’s hair! I don’t think I could ever pull it off, but it’s just so pretty. ❤

Book: Mister Kindly in Nevernight!

Biggest Hair Change

Plot twist that totally caught you off guard

Princess: When Mulan slices all of her hair off with a sword? Eight-year-old me was shocked.

Book: Never Apart went in a completely different direction than I expected!

Prettiest Up-Do / Bun

A book or author with the most elegant prose

Princess: I haven’t actually seen The Princess and the Frog, but Tiana is still the princess that comes to mind first!

Book: I also mentioned in my End of Year survey that To Be Taught, If Fortunate wasn’t my favorite read of the year, but it was really beautifully written.

Most Bounce/Body

Book that bounces between multiple time periods

Princess: I’d have to agree with Laura Beth! Definitely Ariel.

Book: Daisy Jones & the Six!

Most Intricate Braid

Favorite plot with multiple story-lines that are woven together

Princess: Anna!

Book: Saga!

Short & Sweet

A book that’s short and sweet

Princess: I’d have to go with Snow White.

Book: Snug! This is 136 pages of cute comics about being in love.

Nicest Half-Up / Half-Down

A book / character that you had a lot of ups and downs with

Princess: I have to agree with Laura Beth again — Belle.

Book: I definitely had my ups and downs with Kiss Number 8, but it ended up working out so well in the end.

Medium & Manageable

The last book you felt right in the middle about

Princess: Maybe Cinderella?

Book: As of writing this post, my last 3-star read was Shiver.

Best Bangs

Eye-catching cover

Princess: Aurora!

Book: The Babysitters Coven is the first one I thought of!

Long & Loose

Longest book you read this year

Princess: Definitely Merida!

Book: I’m doing 2019 since 2020 just started, so The Secret Commonwealth wins.

Best Pony

A book that swings from POV to POV

Princess: Jasmine!

Book: “Swings from POV to POV” sounds kind of negative, so I’m going with Trinkets. There were three POVs and absolutely nothing to distinguish them.

Stunningly Straight

A book that made you want to dive straight into the sequel

Princess: Pocahontas!

Book: Revival, Vol. 1! I jumped right into Vol. 2 and I really need to find the time to read Vol. 3.

Enviable Curls

A book with twists and turns

Princess: It has to be Merida again.

Book: I mean this sort of sarcastically, but also kind of not: Jealous Revenge.

Hair Closest to Your Own

A book that you strongly connected to

Princess: Probably Belle’s.

Book: I really related to Raleigh in Lost At Sea.

It’s been a year, so if anybody who wants to do this hasn’t already been tagged, please go for it! What’s the last book you really related to? Who’s your favorite book sidekick? Let’s talk in the comments!

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