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Thank you to Katie for tagging me to do the Bookish Would You Rather tag! I have done a couple Would You Rather tags before (here and here), but not this one! This should be fun. 🙂

The Rules:

  • Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.
  • Make up your own questions and tag others.

Questions from Katie:

Would you rather only read ARCs, or only read backlist titles?

Definitely only backlist titles. Eventually ARCs will become backlist titles, but I could never get to anything that’s currently on my TBR if I committed to only reading ARCs!

Would you rather own all the books you read, or only loan books from the library?

I’d rather only borrow from the library. Books look pretty on a shelf, but my bank account cannot afford buying 200 or so books every year.

Would you rather lose your place in your book every time you put it down, or get a papercut every time you read?

I gave myself a papercut at work a couple days ago and it keeps reminding me of its presence every so often, so I’m thinking I’d rather lose my place.

Would you rather only read in the dark or read books with tiny text?

Tiny text, I guess. That seems easier than reading in the dark.

Would you rather drop your favorite book in the toilet, or throw it into a woodchipper?

Throw it into a woodchipper, I think. It seems a more dignified way to go. (Ideally, obviously, neither.)

Would you rather read only the first page of a book or only the last page of a book?

The first page, then I’d just be left wanting more. If I only read the last page, I’d probably just be confused.

Would you rather read a book that ends in a cliffhanger, or a book that ends with heartbreak?

Cliffhanger. I generally do not like books that break my heart.

Would you rather read a manuscript from your favorite author and have to tell them it was awful, or read 50 Shades of Gray out loud in public?

Read 50 Shades of Gray out loud. I wouldn’t want to make someone who’s made me so happy sad.

Would you rather never be allowed in a bookstore again or never be allowed in a library again?

Never be allowed in a bookstore, because, see above… my bank account cannot afford all these books I read.

Would you rather read only one genre for the rest of your life, or never repeat the same genre after reading it once?

Only one genre. I feel like I’d run out of genres pretty quickly if I could never repeat them.

Please feel free to steal this tag and link back to me if you do! I’d love to see your answers! Cliffhanger or heartbreak? ARCs or backlist? Let’s talk in the comments!

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