Weekly Update

In case you missed it, here are this week’s blog posts:

I’ve been reading:

Recently acquired:

  • nothing!

1 thing this week:

  • Someone decided to come to the office with the flu, and at least half my department, including me, got it. I haven’t had the flu since 2009! So I was out most of the week, they deep-cleaned the whole building, and I’m mostly feeling better now, but I’m still not 100%. You’d think I could have at least gotten some reading done, but mostly I just sat there complaining about being sick. 🤷

Song of the week:

(Sorry but not really sorry for the Halsey spam but I really like her new album.)

How was your week? What’s the best thing you read or listened to? Anything interesting happening in your life? Let’s talk in the comments!

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