Book Review: Calm the F*ck Down by Sarah Knight

Calm the F*ck Down by Sarah Knight
Rating: ★★★★☆
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Publication Date: December 31, 2018
Source: Borrowed

The no-f*cks-given guide to taming anxiety and taking back control of your life, from the bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and Get Your Sh*t Together
Do you spend more time worrying about problems than solving them? Do you let unexpected difficulties ruin your day and do “what ifs” keep you up at night?
Sounds like you need to CALM THE F*CK DOWN.

Just because things are falling apart doesn’t mean YOU can’t pull it together. Whether you’re stressed about sh*t that hasn’t happened yet or freaked out about sh*t that already has, the NoWorries method from “anti-guru” Sarah Knight helps you curb the anxiety and overthinking that’s making everything worse. Calm the F*ck Down explains:

The Four Faces of Freaking Out–and their Flipsides
How to accept what you can’t control
Productive Helpful Effective Worrying (PHEW)
The Three Principles of Dealing With It
And much more!

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck a few years ago and found that I really enjoy Sarah Knight’s writing style. So, as someone who spends about 99% of her life in a decidedly uncalm state, I needed to read this book the very second I stumbled upon it at the library.

I like that, in all of her books, Sarah is never condescending. She never tried to minimize the feelings of anxiety and instead just tried to give tips on how to work through it in a rational way. How bad would it be if this thing happened? Okay, now how likely is it to actually happen? Is there anything I can reasonably do to stop it from happening? I actually used her advice to get through a situation I was (admittedly irrationally) anxious about and guess what? Nothing bad happened. Amazing.

Now, I don’t want to give all the secrets of the book away, but one of the concepts that I liked most was the Fuck Bucks. Basically, your Fuck Bucks are the amount of energy you have to devote to worrying about things. So everything is going wrong in your life. You can’t be anxious about everything at once (even though my brain says it can try) so you have to prioritize. What are you worried about that you don’t really need to be worried about right now? If you can’t control it and if it happening really wouldn’t be that bad, it’s probably not worth the Fuck Bucks to worry about it. But Sarah never gets patronizing about this. Throughout the book, I really felt that she understood what was going on in my head and just wanted to help me find a way to work through it.

I’d really like to read more of Sarah’s books, but I get the feeling that they don’t have as much of an impact if they’re read back to back. Maybe I’ll try out another one of them mid-2020.

Have you read Calm the F*ck Down? Can you recommend any good nonfiction about anxiety?
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