Top Ten Tuesday: Ten favorite romances

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! In honor of Valentine’s Day, today is all about romance! Specifically, favorite romance tropes.  I have a few favorite tropes, so I’ll break it down by category.  I also want to say that it was so hard to choose just ten books overall, so please please please, if you want more examples, let me know!

Imagine not only living by someone your own age, but having that person be utterly adorable and having them feel the same about you.  Never happened to me, but it seems like it would be great.


I love a book (and a guy) that can make me laugh. Sometimes I’m up for some serious heartache, and other times I just want something light.  It’s very, very rare that a rom-com will disappoint me.


I don’t know if I’d go for my opposite in real life, but sometimes reading about people who are like night and day that actually end up falling in love is great.  It’s particularly great when one is a grumpy jerk and the other is a ray of sunshine.


Is there anybody alive who hasn’t fallen in love with their best friend at some point? Whether anything came of it or not, I think we all have a soft spot for these stories.


I swore I would never get into “those stepbrother books.”  Well, I did.  Oops.  It’s not so much the taboo for me, but they always have such good buildup before anything happens!  These authors make you work for it! There’s none of this sex-by-page-two nonsense with this trope.


Honorable mentions (or, if this were called Top Twenty Tuesday):

  • rockstar romance
  • best friend’s brother
  • brother’s best friend
  • unexpected coworkers
  • roommates

What are your favorite tropes?

Best of 2016: Galleys

I read a lot of review copies in 2016.  I had 32 total galleys between Netgalley, Edelweiss, and author mailing lists. At one point during the year, I stressed myself out pretty badly by accidentally signing up for an author’s ARC team.  I’m still not even sure how it happened!  I was getting flooded with (rather rude) emails with PDFs attached, demanding that I read and review within the week.  Needless to say, I cut all ties with that author and even ended up taking a little break from reviewing.  But overall, I read a ton of really great books from really awesome authors.  Here are my top fifteen, in absolutely no order whatsoever.


Goodreads links:

off the hook // seven ways to lose your heart // a list of cages // lured in // beyond the stars // you know me well // the summer before forever // ink and bone // the last boy and girl in the world // just a girl // something i need // arrows // addicted to you // lust is the thorn // all the feels

How excited are you for SOME KIND OF PERFECT?!

“What we decide will inevitably shape the lives of our children.
​For better or for worse. We can’t foresee.”

​~ Connor Cobalt, Some Kind of Perfect

This epilogue to the entire Addicted series, as well as its spinoffs, had its release date officially announced today.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll be holding my breath until April 22, 2016.

Only a little over a month away!

More information here.

Book review: Addicted To You by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Goodreads || Amazon

Addicted to You is the story of childhood friends Lily and Loren, both of whom are struggling with their own addictions. Loren is an alcoholic and Lily is addicted to sex. The two of them have spent their entire lives covering for each other – Lily hiding bottles and Loren getting rid of random men – and never mentioning that the other might need help. Part of their cover is a fake relationship, but lines become blurred and things get complicated as Lily and Lo make their first new friends in years. Can they keep up the act?

I really don’t know how to feel about this series. It’s almost compulsively readable – you just have to know what happens to these characters next. Will they get themselves out of the latest problem? But on the other hand, it’s so incredibly frustrating. They are causing all of their own problems. They don’t think straight. They don’t realize that they’re causing all of their own problems. It’s because of their addictions, and while I was reading, I knew that. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I just wanted to tell them to snap out of it.

I did love the side characters, and I’m looking forward to reading the spinoffs. Rose, in particular, I think was one of my favorites. I loved that, at the beginning, she was painted as the kind of stuck-up, snotty older sister who thought she was better than everybody else, and it turns out that she’s the one that Lily can turn to the most. I also liked Connor, because anybody who can keep up with someone like Rose has to be a winner. I also appreciated the budding friendship between him, Ryke, Lily, and Lo.

I’m giving Addicted to You three stars because I can’t really come up with a reason to give it more or less. I’m definitely going to keep reading this series, because I have to know that everything turns out ok for Lily and Lo. (It does, right? No. Don’t tell me. I want to be surprised.)

Final rating: ★★★☆☆