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When he applied for his job, Lincoln didn’t know that “internet security officer” meant “email snooper.” He thought he’d be doing something cool at the newspaper, something to brag about, not writing citations for forwarding chain emails. He doesn’t enjoy his job, not at all. Not until emails from Beth and Jennifer start filling up his folder of flagged messages.

Beth and Jennifer send emails to each other about everythingexcept work. It’s a direct violation of company policy, and Lincoln knows he should give them written warnings, but he just can’t – then how would he keep up with their witty conversations? It isn’t long before he starts falling for Beth, but how would he ever explain how he knows her?

I swear, only Rainbow Rowell can make me fall for an email-snooper who, at 28 years old, still lives with his mother. And not only that, he’s been pining over his high school girlfriend for almost a decade, and his only friends are the people he playsDungeons & Dragons with on the weekends. Somehow, when Rainbow writes a character like this, he’s endearing, not creepy.

The story is so unique, unlike anything I’ve read recently (or maybe ever). It’s not your average chick-lit. In fact, it might not be chick-lit at all. It took a little while to get into, and the ending wrapped up a little too quickly for my taste, but overall it was a very good book, a very quick read, and I would highly recommend to anybody who likes quirky characters. Oh, and it’s a definite must for fans of Rainbow Rowell’s other novels.

Final rating: ★★★★☆