Top Ten Tuesday: Book boyfriends

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today, we’re celebrating the romantic love interests that keep us coming back for more – our top ten book boyfriends.  Buckle up, because I have a lot to say on this topic!


Krista & Becca Ritchie have a knack for writing really great love interests.  Honestly, I could list any of their male leads as one of my favorite book boyfriends, but I narrowed it down to Connor Cobalt (Kiss the Sky), Luka Kotova (Infini), and Ryke Meadows (Hothouse Flower).  Both Connor Cobalt and Ryke Meadows are heavily featured in many of the Ritchies’ books but are introduced as love interests in the books above.


Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart is all about reconnecting with a childhood friend and falling in love.  As if it takes much more to win my heart than that… but Kennedy Harrison is a great love interest.  He’s flawed but still romantic.  He knows what he wants, but he’s not an over-the-top alpha.  He’s a realistic love interest.

Similar to the Ritchie sisters, R.S. Grey knows how to write the perfect guy.  In Anything You Can Do, Lucas Thatcher is Daisy Bell’s childhood rival – and new co-worker.  Working together as physicians at a small family practice, Lucas pushes Daisy’s buttons in just the right way.  In The Allure of Julian Lefray, Julian hires Josephine Keller to help him maintain his sister’s fashion line while she’s away.  There’s enough sexual tension to power the entirety of New York City, but they’re determined not to give in and jeopardize the company.

I fell in love with Arm Candy’s Davis Price in Jessica Lemmon’s previous book, Eye Candy. Davis is a sardonic stock analyst who is completely done with relationships.  In his own book, we see him start to open up to the possibility of love… and then really knock the socks off of his love interest (and me) with his absolute perfection.


Now, clearly, these three books are young adult romances.  They’re not so much book boyfriends for me now, but they’re boys I wish I could have known when I was an actual young adult.

In The Unexpected Everything, Andie’s summer is turned upside down when her father’s political scandal causes her to lose her place in a competitive summer program.  Stuck at home and desperate to get out of the house, she takes a job as a dog walker and befriends Clark, a young, shy, bestselling author.  Clark has a great personality, sure, but imagine finding out that your summer crush is a bestselling author!

The Big F’s leading lady, Danielle, has a similarly upturned life.  When she unexpectedly fails a class during her senior year of high school, her admission to her dream school is revoked.  She enrolls at a community college to get her life back on track and develops surprising feelings for her seemingly grumpy co-worker, Porter.  Not only is Porter a total dreamboat, but he also helps Dani stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to her classes.

Kate’s been crushing on the school’s football star for years.  Now, in her senior year of high school, she’s made it her mission to go to prom with him.  The plan?  Have her friend Cooper teach her how to flirt her way into Mick’s heart.  Operation Prom Date is a go, but what happens when Kate realizes that Cooper is better than Mick in every possible way?

Who are your favorite love interests?

How excited are you for SOME KIND OF PERFECT?!

“What we decide will inevitably shape the lives of our children.
​For better or for worse. We can’t foresee.”

​~ Connor Cobalt, Some Kind of Perfect

This epilogue to the entire Addicted series, as well as its spinoffs, had its release date officially announced today.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll be holding my breath until April 22, 2016.

Only a little over a month away!

More information here.

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I have to be honest here. When I first started reading the Addicted series and found out there was a book featuring Ryke and Daisy, I was a little put off. The idea of this 25-year-old guy dating this 18-year-old girl was almost too much to handle, especially given the fact that Daisy is only fifteen when the story begins. But I love the Ritchie sisters, and I’ve never been disappointed in anything they’ve written, so I gave it a try. And… wow. My mind was blown. I’m sorry. I won’t doubt these authors again.

Ryke and Daisy have been fighting their feelings for years, not wanting to upset their families. Ryke’s brother, Lo, is dating Daisy’s sister, Lily. And from the moment Ryke and Daisy met, Lo’s warned him against starting anything with her. Despite this, their friendship has been filled with flirting, innuendo, and more touching than strictly necessary since the beginning. Ryke and Daisy are frequently pushed together as their siblings and friends pair off, and what’s developed over the years is a friendship more solid than any relationship either of them has ever had. They soon find that they can’t hold back anymore, but the fear of disapproval – or worse – keeps them from sharing their new relationship.

There’s not really a whole lot for me to say here. The Calloways and their friends are some of my favorite literary characters, and the Ritchie sisters literally never disappoint. I’m convinced that they could write just about anything and I would love it. Initially I wasn’t sure if I wanted to branch out from Lily and Lo, but both Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower have been amazing, enjoyable reads. I don’t want the series to end, but I seriously cannot wait for the release of Long Way Down

Final rating: ★★★★☆