The Mystery Blogger Award


I love to be tagged in things, so I was excited to be nominated by Pages and Pugs for the Mystery Blogger Award! (Thank you!) Please go check out her blog!

Here are the rules of the award:

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  • Thank the person that nominated you!!
  • Mention and link the award creator: Okoto Enigma
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
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Three things about me:

  • I love babies! It’s a well-known fact in my circle that if you have a baby with you, I will somehow end up with it. I have zero children (and grew up as an only child) but mothers give me their screaming children and somehow I make them happy. I don’t really know how it works. Maybe the babies can just tell how much I love them.
  • I’m also kind of a cat whisperer? I’ve never met a cat that I didn’t like. I’m also pretty good at choosing THE BEST CATS from a shelter. (If I do say so myself.)
  • I’ve lived in nine different places (in two different states and six different cities) in the last sixteen years. I started in Wisconsin and somehow ended up in New Jersey.

More facts about me here & here.

Five questions from Pages and Pugs:

1. Are you usually early or late?

Personally, I like to be early to everything. My mom basically raised me that early is on time, on time is late, and late is terrible so don’t do it. I’m also a really anxious person and I’d rather be three hours early than feel like I’m upsetting people by being five minutes late. In practice, especially in New Jersey (!!!), traffic makes everything horrible so I end up late a lot more often than I’d like.

2. What’s your favorite book genre?

Right now I’m really into YA contemporaries!

3. Where is the most relaxing place you’ve ever been?

Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Take me back!

4. Do you DNF or push through books you aren’t enjoying?

99% of the time I’ll push through. That other 1% is books that I just cannot even bring myself to skim.

5. OTHER THAN all the blogs we follow and your own blog platform, what website do you spend the most time on?

I do a lot of mindless scrolling through Facebook when I’m on hold at work. (I talk to insurance companies all day so this can add up to a lot of scrolling!)

Five questions from me to you:

1. What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?
2. What’s your favorite blog post that you’ve ever written?
3. Is there any song that always puts you in a good mood?
4. What’s your favorite dessert?
5. Do you have any hobbies outside or reading/blogging? If so, what?

My nominations:
(It’s not going to be 10 because I can’t think of 10 people to tag! Also, no pressure!)

Versatile Blogger Award: Take 2

I was so happy to find out that I’d been tagged again for the Versatile Blogger Award! This time I was tagged by Emily at Emily’s Escapist Books and Reading. (Thank you!)

The rules:

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  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

Seven more things about me: 

  1. I love to listen to music from my childhood when I’m driving. I usually do Sirius XM 90s on 9, Pop2K (2000s pop), PopRocks (90s and 2000s pop/rock), or Lithium (90s alternative and grunge). You can catch me at a stoplight belting out some Third Eye Blind or Spin Doctors.
  2. This is probably super predictable, but I love to give books to little kids. I’ve given my friend’s son books for every birthday and Christmas since he was born and I just think it’s a great way to cultivate a love of reading.
  3. I have an obsession with office supplies. I love pens and sticky notes and highlighters and paper clips. God help you if you steal my special pens from my desk at work.
  4. My favorite vacation I’ve ever gone on was Costa Rica in 2016. It was the most relaxing trip and every person I saw there was so happy. The food was amazing. The beaches were beautiful. The weather was perfect. I would move to Costa Rica in a heartbeat.
  5. I will eat just about anything. I used to be super picky and then one day I just wasn’t. I love to try new foods, either in a restaurant or cooking them myself. The one thing I can’t bring myself to eat is raw fish because I’m convinced I’ll get food poisoning.
  6. I work in a hospital but I’m a huge germaphobe. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, I know! I hate public transit (someone near me is always sick), I try not to use public restrooms (who knows what’s happened there), and I generally try to avoid anybody who shows a single sign of sickness (a bit difficult in a hospital). Luckily I don’t have a lot of direct patient contact.
  7. I can’t dance and have literally no rhythm to speak of. In an ill-fated decision borne of trying to keep my then-best friend happy, I joined the seventh-grade dance team. It was just as disastrous as you might expect. At one point, there was video evidence of my trauma, but I think it’s all been destroyed at this point.

I’m tagging:

Anybody who’s interested! I just did this a couple weeks ago so I don’t want to do another big list of tags, but if it sounds like fun to you, consider yourself tagged!


Way, way back when I used to blog on Livejournal (circa 2006 or so), I used to love memes.  It would seriously make my day to come home from a day of high school to find that my friends from across the world had tagged me in some kind of music meme or handwriting meme or silly questionnaire.  In my late twenties, I still love doing these.

One that I remember from my teenage years is this currently meme. It seems to be making a comeback and I’ve seen blogs using it as a springboard for conversation.

Without further ado, here is what I am currently doing.

(And if you want to tag me in any kind of meme, feel free.)

Currently anticipating… the weekend!  It’s so cliche, but by the time I get through Wednesday, I’m just counting down the minutes until relaxation.

Currently appreciating… the pharmaceutical reps who bring me lunch almost every day.  Seriously, my grocery bill would double without you guys.

Currently buying… some kind of present for my friend’s baby shower next weekend!

Currently cleaning… everything? I feel like all I ever do is clean, but you’d never know it if you stepped into my house.  The perils of living with two cats and a messy boy.

Currently cooking… just for myself!  I actually love to cook for myself because I don’t have to worry about what anybody else is going to think of it.  If I want to have a plate of steamed veggies for dinner, nobody’s going to make a scene about how boring it is.  If I want to eat some loaded steak nachos, nobody’s going to complain about how unhealthy it is.

Currently drinking… water. Honestly, all I ever drink is water.  (And coffee, but only in the morning.)

Currently eating… nothing at the moment, but those steak nachos sound like a good idea for dinner…

Currently feeling… tired.  But the weekend is on its way!

Currently listening… to my high school throwback playlist.  For a sampling of the songs, click the band names: Brand New, Death Cab, Ben Folds, Something Corporate, All Time Low, and Panic! at the Disco.

Currently making… millions and billions of burp cloths for all of the babies in my life.

Currently organizing… a birthday party for my friend, maybe?

Currently planning… what the heck I want to post on this blog.

Currently readingLucas by Sawyer Bennett.

Currently wanting… a dog. I want a dog so badly, but I’m not allowed to have one in my current place. I swore up and down that I wouldn’t move into another place that didn’t allow dogs, but then I had to find a place really quickly and there was no way I was going to find an affordable apartment in this overpriced town that allowed cats and dogs.  And since I already have cats, they obviously won out over a hypothetical dog.

Currently wearing… pajamas, because that’s what I change into as soon as I get home from work.  Even if it’s 4 pm.

Currently wishing… to win tickets to the Global Citizen Festival.  Will it happen? Who knows!  I won tickets in 2014, didn’t win in 2015, didn’t try to win in 2016, and am now really hoping to win in 2017.  Headliners are Green Day, The Killers, The Lumineers, and The Chainsmokers.  An odd mix, but I’d love to go.

Currently wondering… why my cat is staring at me like she’s disgusted with me.  I mean, she probably is because I stopped petting her to write this, but still.


And how about you?  What are you currently doing?

Reading Challenge Update

Yikes!  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my reading challenge look quite this dismal. I guess that’s the problem with moving – not only were all of my waking hours occupied with packing, cleaning, loading, unloading, unpacking, and cleaning some more, but I didn’t even have an internet connection!

Well, now I’m back.  I’m all moved in… or, at least, mostly moved in. I have an internet connection, and I’m ready to get back at it.  I just got approved for five ARCs on Netgalley, so fingers crossed that they’re all as good as they sound!  Hopefully I’ll be back on schedule soon.

How has everything been in the book world since I’ve been away?

Not books: twenty one pilots concert!


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This is entirely and absolutely unrelated to books of any kind, but I just wanted to share that I got to see my favorite band, twenty one pilots, play a massive, 18000 seat arena last night. It was amazing and incredible and they put on such a great show.  (And now I’m going to be stalking their tour dates so that I can get better seats for next time!)