Book review: Prick by Sabrina Paige

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Katherine Harrison is your typical good girl.  She keeps a 4.0 GPA.  She’s the class president.  She never parties or lets loose.  But one day, she decides that there’s no way she’s going to college a virgin, so she asks Caulter Sterling, her school’s biggest bad boy, for help.  The two have one very, very hot night together, and then she runs away, wishing and hoping that she never has to see him again.  Next thing she knows, she’s learning that her father’s been secretly dating someone, and they’re about to announce their engagement. The lucky lady just so happens to be Caulter’s mother.

It seems like a lot of these stepbrother books are about high school sweethearts whose parents start dating.  Katherine and Caulter are far from sweethearts.  In fact, aside from their one night of passion, they absolutely despise each other.  Another interesting twist on the genre is that Katherine and Caulter aren’t actually stepsiblings.  Sure, their parents are engaged with the intent to marry, but they are not yet stepsiblings.

I actually really liked both of the main characters.  Like many books in this genre, we do have the prissy princess and the bad boy, but neither character felt like a stereotype here.  Katherine and Caulter had such amazing chemistry and I loved how Caulter could be such an asshole to everybody (including Katherine sometimes) but he would still step up and be the good guy when she needed him.

This was just such a fun book, and for me, it was one of those books that I never wanted to put down.  Instead of “Ugh, I guess I’ll read another few chapters to get it over with,” this book had me more like, “How much coffee will I need to drink tomorrow if I stay up all night to finish this?” I love it when that happens.  That’s what a book should make you feel like.  This is one of those books that could easily pull you out of a reading slump since it’s just so fun, entertaining, and easy to read.

I’m so glad that I didn’t give up on Sabrina Paige after I felt so let down by Double Team because I loved Prince Albert and I loved this book. I’m definitely adding her to my must-read authors and following her on social media.

Final rating: ★★★★☆

#mmdreading: three books by the same author (I also read Double Team and Prince Albert.)

Book review: Prince Albert by Sabrina Paige

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Belle and Albie meet one night in Vegas.  They hit it off, get drunk, and do the most Vegas thing possible – get married by an Elvis impersonator.  They never really expect to see each other again, and in fact, plan to have the marriage annulled before they have to explain themselves to anyone, but family obligations get in the way and they end up putting the annulment off.

When Belle heads to Protrovia to meet her mother’s new fiance (the King!), she doesn’t expect anything too shocking.  She certainly doesn’t expect that Albie would be PRINCE ALBERT, the crown prince of Protrovia and her future stepbrother!  Now Belle and Albie have to keep their marriage hidden from their parents, their omnipresent bodyguards, and the media. Their relationship must be strictly hands-off, and they have to act like they barely know each other… which is easier said than done.

This book was included in my Kindle edition of Double Team by Sabrina Paige, a book I read earlier this year and, if I’m honest, really didn’t enjoy too much. I wasn’t expecting too much from this book, but I figured I might as well read it since:

1. it was there,
2. it was free, and
3. I’ve really enjoyed most of the stepbrother romances I’ve read.

This book really surprised me by being hot without being gross, being exciting without being too over-the-top, and being a twist on the usual step-sibling romance.  I really liked both Belle and Albie, and some of the side characters (like Albie’s little sister Alex and bodyguard Max) also stole my heart. It was such a 180 from Double Team that I didn’t even really know what to think while I was reading it!

Prince Albert has definitely redeemed Sabrina Paige in my eyes, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for whatever she comes up with next.

Final rating: ★★★★☆

#mmdreading: three books by the same author