Top Ten Tuesday: Books I didn’t get to in 2017 that are at the top of 2018’s TBR

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today’s theme is ten books that I didn’t get to in 2017 that are at the top of 2018′s TBR.  Whew, that was a mouthful!  I’m sure the official topic is worded somewhat better than that, but that’s the general gist of today’s post.  I’m really bad about not reading what I actually own, so I narrowed my list of the ~90 books that I meant to get to last year down into the top ten.


Sometimes, I’m the actual worst.  I got these three books for Christmas in 2016 and I still haven’t read them.  They are at the top of the top of the top of my 2018 TBR.

The Girl in the Spider’s WebSaint Anything ❌ Throne of Glass


Other ways I’m the actual worst: I won these three books in online giveaways in 2016 and 2017 and still haven’t read them.  Currently asking myself why I would enter if I didn’t plan to read them.  They are also at the top of the top of my TBR.

Sleepless in Manhattan ❌ Before I Knew ❌ Saving Sara


Finally, I snapped up these four books when they were free on Amazon.  They’re my first four choices for 2018′s #killingthetbr challenge.

Trophy Husband ❌ AxlLove So HotWhy Now?

What’s at the top of your 2018 TBR?

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve recently added to my TBR

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Like I said last week, the official topics are currently on hiatus, so I’m going back and doing some previous topics that I missed. This week I’m doing ten books that I’ve recently added to my TBR. Remember when I used to post about this on Wishlist Wednesdays? I should get back into that.

Anyway, some of these books have been getting great reviews on Goodreads and others are books that I found through BookBub or my library and will get to eventually.

(I didn’t include the books from last week’s list that were recently added to my TBR, or it basically would have been a carbon copy.)

bad things // radio silence // beautiful mistake // beastly bones

the bird and the sword // relentless // rock and release // heartless

love so hot // why now?

What books have you recently added to your TBR?