Title: Elsewhere
Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Read: 6/2/13-6/6/13
Obtained via: bought myself
Stars: 3/5

You can’t really review this book without giving away major plot points.  Click through for the review.

When I started this book, I could not stand Liz. I couldn’t decide whether I even wanted to read to the next chapter, let alone finish the book. She was moody and spoiled and whiny and awful. She was rude to her grandmother, rude to everyone, really, and I could not sympathize with her at all. You died and what, you want to immediately die again? You’re borrowing hundreds of eternims from your grandmother, even thousands maybe – under false pretenses, no less – to spy on your parents and friends? You crash the car because you’re throwing a tantrum over being dead? Yes, an entirely likable character.

But at some point, she grew on me. Or maybe she grew up. Either way, she became more bearable. I even started liking her. I liked Owen, and I liked Betty, and I liked Curtis, and I liked Thandi. I thought the characters developed really nicely, and the story moved along nicely, and then it just stopped. Which I suppose, given the whole aging backwards thing, is kind of what happens in Elsewhere. But still, it was frustrating that just when the story got really interesting, they turned into children again and then suddenly Liz is a baby going back to Earth.

I struggled a lot with what to rate this book. The beginning was so slow and frustrating that I didn’t know if I’d finish – one star. The middle was great – at least four stars! The abrupt ending was fitting but frustrating – three stars. I guess it all evens out to about three stars, so I’ll go with that.

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