July 2015

  1. Quirks & Kinks: 276 pages
  2. Hothouse Flower: 479 pages
  3. My Sister’s Secret: 400 pages
  4. Thrive: 425 pages
  5. Room 702: 306 pages
  6. Little Women: 180 pages
  7. Addicted After All: 532 pages
  8. Fuel the Fire: 462 pages
  9. The Perfect Son: 386 pages

Total: 3446 pages

What a month!  Even with a somewhat slow start (traveling with a baby really cuts down on reading time!), I still managed to read nine full books and over 3000 pages.  How did you do this month?

As promised, my second missed Top Ten Tuesday!  For this theme (originally from July 21), I tried to avoid diversity cliches and go with less typical forms.  For example, My Life Next Door is a love story between the daughter of a wealthy politician and the son of a working class family.  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time features a child with autism.  Beauty Queens has what is likely the most diverse cast of characters I’ve ever seen.  I may not have loved all of these books, but I think it’s important to read about people different than yourself.

Do you have any books to add to the list?