It’s been awhile since I reread a book over and over again.  It’s a thing I used to do when I was younger, when I would get fixated on a story and want to live in it forever.

I remember rereading all of Tamora Pierce’s books several times, particularly her Trickster books.

There was also a book, and I wish I remember the name, about a young girl and her first love.  He played the drums and I think they might have been neighbors?  I loved that story so much that I probably checked it out of the library at least five times.

Recently, there haven’t been any stories that I’ve read again and again.  Honestly, my to-read list is so long that I don’t have time for rereads.

I do wish, though, that I could get that feeling back from my childhood, when I would get so caught up in a story that I would check the book out from the library once every couple months.

What are your thoughts?