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Thank you to Lori for tagging me in her original She-Ra book tag! I haven’t watched She-Ra yet but I’ve heard so much about it! Plus, I always love a good tag. 🙂


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Nimona is the first one that came to mind!

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These Things I've Done

I feel like I’ve read so many books with falling outs, but the only one I can think of right now is These Things I’ve Done.

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The Wrong Kind of Compatible

I had a little trouble thinking of someone who’s good at technology, and then I remembered that The Wrong Kind of Compatible exists! The heroine in this book is a data analyst.

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Golden Son

I went back way back in my memory for this one too, but Golden Son has a rebellion.

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The Hating Game

I say this in every tag ever, but I just want to be friends with Lucy from The Hating Game.

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Addicted to You

I feel like most characters in the Addicted series would fit this prompt, but definitely Lo.

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Small Spaces

I love Small Spaces!

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My cat, Aubrey! But for real…


Mr. Kindly from Nevernight!

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I can’t say that I really expected to hate Pet, but I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did.

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oh no

I actually can’t think of a character that provides comic relief, but I can think of a book that makes me laugh because it’s so relatable. That’s oh no.

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I think Kiera in Slay does a great job at standing up for herself and what she believes in!

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I love this part

I think most Tillie Walden books would fit this prompt, but for the sake of this tag, I’ll go with I love this part.

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Amazon.com: Crier's War (9780062823946): Varela, Nina: Books

We all know that The Hating Game is my favorite enemies to lovers, but I already used that for another prompt! I also really love Anything You Can Do, which is one of the first I ever read in the genre.

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Not So Nice Guy

I’ll go with another R.S. Grey book, Not So Nice Guy!

Please consider yourself tagged if you think this looks fun! What’s your favorite friends to lovers book? Who do you want to be best friends with? Let’s talk in the comments!

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