Ultimate 2019 TBR: Mid-year check in!

It’s been six months since I shared my Ultimate 2019 TBR (100 books), so it’s time to do the first check-in. I don’t think I’ve done the best job at sticking to this TBR, but I didn’t do quite as terribly as I thought I would.

ALREADY OWNED: READ 7/60 (yikes)

Well, I do openly admit that I’m pretty bad about reading things that I actually own. I hated a lot of the seven books that I read, but I did really enjoy The Rest of Us Just Live Here and Practical Magic.


I have a lot to say about this section! Let’s see…

  • I’ve removed We Contain Multitudes from my TBR since it just doesn’t sound like the kind of book I’d like
  • I have an ARC of The Last Hope that I’ll be reading soon
  • I’ve preordered both Rainbow Rowell books
  • I got On the Come Up as a Book of the Month, so hopefully I’ll get around to it soon enough
  • I’m currently reading The Music of What Happens, so I figure it counts as a book read, even though I haven’t finished it yet


The goal of this section was to check books out from the library, but it turns out that I’ve since bought more than one of these…

TOTAL: READ 16/100 (so far!)

I honestly thought that I would have read about three of the books from this list, so I’m not too disappointed to find out that I’m at least in the double digits. I checked out a few of these books from the library this week, so hopefully I’ll be crossing off a few more of these soon!

Did you make a TBR list for the year? If so, how are you doing? Have you read any of these books? Let’s talk in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “Ultimate 2019 TBR: Mid-year check in!

  1. Sarah says:

    You’re doing better than I am anyway!! I only made a TBR of 20 books I wanted to read this year.. I think I’ve read 6… It’s like as soon as I designate something: READ THIS YEAR, I’m not going to read it.

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  2. Jonny Pongratz says:

    Wow, that’s great!

    I’ve read about 19 so far, but most of those Animorph books (8 of my TBR that I finished this year) I can finish in a day or two. My TBR has rapidly changed this year, and I don’t really mark specific ones to read as my mood constantly changes, but I hope to set a reading goal next year.

    Seems pretty pointless to make one now when its already almost July.

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  3. The Educated Negra says:

    This is quite the TBR, I’m happy to see you got through a lot a bunch of them so far. I’m really bad about reading the books I own, too. I just picked up Love, Hate, & Other Filters from my library last week. I’m hoping to get to it before the end of the month.

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  4. alisbooks says:

    I make a TBR list for each month. I thought I was really pulling something off getting that accomplished. A whole year is definitely beyond my scope of possibility at this point, so I’d say you’re doing great!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. denaiir says:

    That was a very fun post to read! I was so happy to see Stay Sweet on your TBR, I haven’t heard many people talk about it and it was one of my 5-star reads last year, I think about it often. I hope you like it if you get to it 🙂

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