Top Ten Tuesday: Bingeworthy TV shows

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s theme is bingeworthy TV shows, which is a huge change in topics for me! I don’t watch a ton of TV (one of the reasons why I have so much time to read) but I can definitely give you a list of ten shows that I’ve loved over the years.

Riverdale | I’m probably crazier about Riverdale than I am about any other show. I’ve successfully convinced a few of my friends to watch it, and now we’re all constantly talking about it and texting each other during the episodes. It’s great.

Bob’s Burgers | Bob’s Burgers is legitimately one of my favorite shows ever. I just love it so much. If I’m in a bad mood, an episode of Bob’s Burgers can always cheer me up.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Admittedly, I like the earlier seasons better than the more recent episodes, but I still love this show. I love how Kimmy is stuck in the 90s and says the most ridiculous things. Also, I feel like that gif is me.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer | It’s a throwback! I actually did binge-watch all of Buffy followed by all of Angel right after I moved to New Jersey. I highly recommend it. Buffy is my favorite.

Veronica Mars | It’s another throwback! I binged Veronica Mars right after I moved to New Jersey too. I guess, looking back, I did that with a lot of shows when I moved here.

The Good Place | There’s some vintage Kristen Bell up above and now here’s some more recent Kristen Bell. I love The Good Place. I love every character. I love the humor. I love everything about it.

Community | I don’t know if I’ve ever been so sad about a show’s cancellation as I was when Community was canceled. Please bring it baaack.

Pushing Daisies | During the summer before my last year of college, I had a job working the desk for the university’s summer conferences. It was seriously the best job ever because they paid me to sit there and read and watch Netflix and sometimes answer the phone if it rang and sometimes tell people where the nearest Starbucks was. This is one of many shows that I watched on my shifts.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend | This show is hilarious and also it’s a musical and also I love every character.

One Day at a Time | Elena is my favorite person. I wish she was real and that we could be friends. I guess I have to settle for binging an entire season of this show in one day and then waiting a year for the next season.

Did you do your own Top Ten Tuesday post today? Feel free to drop your link and I’ll check it out! What are your all-time favorite tv shows? Have you recently watched anything good? Let’s talk in the comments!