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Thanks to Rebecca for recommending my recommendations and tagging me to do The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag!


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1. Recommend a book from one of your favorite genres

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My favorite genre is YA contemporary, and since it’s been a while since I’ve shouted about it, I’m going with Starry Eyes. This book features a great friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romance, a camping trip that made even me (a non-camper) want to spend some time in the wilderness, and a great discussion of safe, consensual sex.

2. Recommend a short book

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The Backstagers is a super cute graphic novel about the magical world that happens backstage at a school production. It’s filled with friendship and magical creatures and is so much fun.

3. Recommend a book-to-screen adaptation


I have to go with Coraline. The adaptation is basically the same as the book. The book was also a lot spookier than I’d expected! If you’re going to read it, I’d highly recommend the audio, since it’s narrated by Gaiman himself and features some creepy music.

4. Recommend a book out of your comfort zone


I don’t tend to love thrillers, but You had me on the edge of my seat! I constantly wanted to know what was going to happen next. There was a lot happening and a lot of it was really crazy, but it never felt like too much, like I’d need to set the book aside or take a breather.

5. Recommend a book series

There are so many series I could have gone with, but the first one that came to mind was Dumplin‘ and Puddin‘, so I’ll go with them. I got into Julie Murphy’s books at the end of 2019, and I ended up loving both of these so much.

6. Recommend a standalone


If you’re looking for a book that deals with religion, sexism, misogyny, finding yourself, you can’t really go wrong with The Poet X. I was blown away by this book, and since it’s written in verse, it’s a pretty quick read, too.

7. Recommend a book you don’t talk about enough 

35429999. sy475

There are a lot of books that I don’t think I talk about enough, but for this prompt, I wanted to go with one I loved that I don’t really see other people talking about, either. Beauty Queens is one of those books. Between the cover and the synopsis, it sounds kind of like a trainwreck. But I promise it’s not. It’s so, so good. It’s unapologetic satire of our obsession with reality television, with looking perfect, with being the best at everything. It has a really positive, really feminist message, and as a bonus, the “beauty queens” don’t just fit one stereotypical image of what a pageant girl should be.

8. Recommend your “staple” book 


Is it even a book tag if I don’t somehow work The Hating Game in there? I mean, really.

9. Recommend the book/s that got you into reading


I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, but the first books I remember reading on my own and really loving were the Beverly Cleary books. I had a stack of them at my grandma’s house and would often read them after I finished my homework.

10. Recommend 3+ bloggers who recommend great books

Tag! You’re It!

I’m tagging the three people above along with Lori, Alex, and Jamsu!

Feel free to steal this tag even if I didn’t directly tag you! I’d love to see your answers! What’s a book that got you into reading? What’s an adaptation that you’ve enjoyed? Let’s talk in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “Tag: The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag

  1. The busy shelf says:

    I see Coraline, I like! I just read this one this Christmas and I was amazed at how good it was! I added two other books from here on my Check them out list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. devouringbooks2017 says:

    I loved Starry Eyes. It was so funny!!! Not my typical read for sure but I did love it. As for Beauty Queens I actually stumbled across it on Goodreads this week so I’m glad to see that someone I know actually likes it! I added it to my tbr

    Liked by 1 person

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