Reading Challenge Update

Overall, April was a much better reading month than March. I ended up reading twice as many books, and I’m really excited to take a look at my progress on my reading challenges.

Monthly Motif is a reading challenge hosted by girlxoxo.

March’s theme was crack the case and I read one book for this prompt:

This isn’t the book I’d planned to read (I thought I’d go with either a Tana French book or one of the many mystery novels I’ve collected over the years), but it turned out to have a side plot about trying to figure out who stole a laptop and who was running a secret sex-ed blog, so it worked.

May’s theme is one sitting reads. I’ll probably go with some graphic novels!

I read a total of 14 books in April, which puts me 20 books ahead of my goal.

Popsugar hosts a reading challenge every year. You can find out more information on their website.

Four of the books I read in April counted toward the Popsugar Reading Challenge. The prompts I checked off in April include:

Romanceopoly is a reading challenge hosted by Under the Covers and Peace Love Books.

Romanceopoly continues to be the reading challenge that I struggle with the most, but at least I checked off a few more prompts in April.

The prompts I checked off were:

I think I’ll need to sit down and plan out what I want to read for the rest of the challenges to have any hope of finishing this one.

Modern Mrs. Darcy hosts a reading challenge every year. You can find more information on the website.

I checked off one prompt for the Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge in April:

I only have three prompts left for this challenge, so I shouldn’t have any problem finishing it before the year is done.

Instead of struggling to finish three books that I’ve owned for more than three months, I actually read four in April!

I’m going to try to focus on reading books I own in May, so fingers crossed for even more books on this list in my next update.

How are you doing on your reading challenges? Do you have any recommendations for me? Let’s talk in the comments!