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What’s the first ARC you ever received?

According to Goodreads, it was Do Not Disturb by Tilly Bagshawe. I was insanely excited for this because… a publisher really wanted to send me a free book? WHAT? It ended up being okay.

What ARC would you sell your soul for?

Currently, Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett. Although, honestly, I’d sell my soul for just about anything by Jenn Bennett.

Using ARCs you have received over the years, spell out A-R-C.

Ultimate question: To DNF or not DNF an ARC?

I try not to DNF in general, but I especially try not to DNF ARCs. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened though.

Name an ARC you DNFed and an ARC you could never DNF.

  • I didn’t really intend to DNF The Returned, but it was just so boring that I put it down one day and never picked it back up.
  • Starry Eyes, on the other hand, was so hard to put down that I found myself pulling it out constantly to sneak in a few pages.

What ARC did you go out and buy a finished copy of after?

I preordered a hardcover of The Raging Ones after reading the ARC.

Which medium do you get most of your ARCs in? (physical/ebook/audio)

Definitely ebooks. I’d say at least 90% of my ARCs are ebooks. I’ve gotten one audiobook ARC and a handful of physical ARCs, but not many. I actually got more physical ARCs when I first started blogging than I get now.

Give bloggers one piece of advice regarding ARCs (requesting/reviewing).

I think the best advice I can give is only to request books that you’d go out and buy yourself. It’s easy to go really crazy and just request everything, especially when you first get a Netgalley account and see that there are literally thousands of books that publishers are making available for you. If you limit yourself to books you’d actually go out and buy, you won’t end up with such a backlog of ARCs needing to be reviewed and you’ll be more likely to actually enjoy the books.

I’m tagging:

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